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May 2, 2024
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Blackbaud is a nonprofit-focused software provider that offers several solutions your organization can use to manage donors, enhance fundraising, and streamline operations.

If your nonprofit is implementing a new Blackbaud solution or tackling new challenges with your existing technology stack, your team will inevitably need Blackbaud support. You can’t be expected to be an expert on all aspects of the software, but you can call on Blackbaud experts to provide the insights and assistance you need to get the most from your products.

In this guide, we’ll explore the Blackbaud resources your organization has at its disposal. Specifically, we’ll cover:

Your Blackbaud solutions hold the potential to help your nonprofit move its mission forward in significant ways, but you’ll be hard-pressed to do so if you’re stuck struggling to use your tools properly. Read on so you’re prepared to take advantage of the wealth of experience and knowledge that Blackbaud support experts offer when needed.

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6 Benefits of Blackbaud for Nonprofits

Implementing a Blackbaud product represents a major investment of money, time, and effort on your nonprofit’s part.  If your team settles for using only a few core features instead of working to understand everything the product has to offer, you may struggle to see a return on that investment.

However, when you’re able to tap into the full functionality of your chosen Blackbaud products thanks to the help of Blackbaud support resources or expert assistance, your nonprofit can experience plenty of benefits, such as:

This image lists some of the benefits nonprofits get from using Blackbaud, all of which are explained in the text below.

  1. Solutions for your unique needs. Since no two nonprofits are the same, finding the solution that suits your specific needs will be important. Blackbaud has a wide range of products and solutions for your team to choose from and offers integration capabilities that allow you to further customize your tools.
  2. Better donor management.  Blackbaud offers several CRM solutions for nonprofits of different sizes and budgets, including Raiser’s Edge NXT, Blackbaud CRM, and eTapestry. These tools allow nonprofits to store and manage donor details like contact information, giving history, communication and giving preferences, and interactions with your organization. You can pull from all this data to improve your engagement and fundraising strategies.
  3. More personalized communications. With all of your donor data in one place, you can more easily segment your donors by specific criteria, such as giving level or communication method preference. This way, you can ensure your communications resonate with your target audience and get them to take action on behalf of your cause.
  4. Improved fundraising results. Blackbaud products not only empower you to understand your donors and adjust your strategies, but they also assist with planning, executing, and monitoring your fundraising campaigns. You can also use Blackbaud’s online giving tools, including TeamRaiser, its peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising tool, and Luminate Online, its online marketing solution..
  5. Customized and detailed reporting.  Blackbaud allows you to create custom reports and dashboards and track key performance metrics so that your organization can track progress toward its goals, identify patterns and trends in donor behavior, and allocate resources wisely.
  6. Support for sustainable organizational growth. Having access to high-quality data to inform your decisions and strategies will help you effectively manage your organization, increase donor engagement, and retain more donors. This will lead to sustainable and successful growth for your organization over time.

To tap into all of these benefits, you’ll need support when it comes to implementing and using Blackbaud products. Let’s now look at a couple of different ways you can get help with your Blackbaud tools.

Working With a Blackbaud Support Consultant

If you need an expert on your side, who better to call than trusted Blackbaud consulting partners and solution providers?

The right Blackbaud consulting team can provide your organization with tailored support and resources for any challenges you may encounter while utilizing Blackbaud products.

What Blackbaud support services can nonprofit consultants provide?

To have the most comprehensive support available, search for a top-tier consulting firm with experience in all of the following key areas:

This image lists some of the services Blackbaud consultants can provide, which are explained in the text below.

  • Implementation management.Navigating a new software solution can be overwhelming. Allow a team of experienced project managers to assist you in selecting, configuring, and customizing the best product to fit your needs. They can also guide you through data migration, system deployment, and provide continuous technical support and training.
  • Integration support. Working with a team of experienced developers makes even the toughest integrations possible. Your organization’s consultants should expand the software’s capabilities with custom integrations, enabling you to use the platform in a way that meets your specific needs. They should also provide the ongoing support you need to ensure you’re getting the most from your newly expanded feature set.
  • Software training. Learn the ropes of an intricate technology solution on your own terms with custom Blackbaud training. In addition to providing support, many Blackbaud technology consultants offer personalized training courses for your software.
  • Strategy consulting. One of the key benefits of working with a dynamic technology consulting team? These specialists don’t just understand software; they also understand nonprofits. Your Blackbaud consultants can offer guidance as you use your software to evolve your fundraising and engagement strategies, helping you reach new heights as an organization.
  • Custom Blackbaud solution development. An authorized Blackbaud solution provider can offer additions to your software through custom products and applications built uniquely for your nonprofit. Your Blackbaud technology support consultants can build solutions that elevate your technology to help you achieve your fundraising goals.
  • Website development. As a major part of your digital fundraising strategy, your website needs to work seamlessly with your Blackbaud software. Many nonprofit technology specialists can help you optimize and maintain your website.

Choose a reputable and experienced firm that offers expert Blackbaud consultants who can provide customized support for your team’s needs, no matter how they may change over time. This will guarantee that your team will have access to the necessary resources and guidance to effectively utilize your Blackbaud tools.

Why work with a Blackbaud support consultant?

Still on the fence about working with a Blackbaud support consultant? Let’s dig into why these partnerships are so worthwhile.

Unlike a product vendor or technology support specialist, your consulting partner can dedicate the time to truly understand your nonprofit and assist in comprehending how your technology can fit into the bigger picture of your organization. They’ll offer proven tips for improving your strategy based on their years of experience working with organizations just like yours!

And because their support services are designed for your organization, you’ll always know that your solutions are going to move your mission forward, not backward.

DNL OmniMedia: The #1 Blackbaud Consulting Firm

Ready to enlist the help of an expert Blackbaud tech support team? Consider partnering with DNL OmniMedia.

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DNL OmniMedia is a Blackbaud partner, meaning that we’re well-versed in Blackbaud’s products and how to help nonprofits make the most of their functionality. We offer the following services to nonprofits seeking Blackbaud support:

  • Data, file, and email migrations
  • Blackbaud product implementation and configuration
  • Custom integration builds, applications, and product add-ons
  • Training and ongoing support for your team

We can also support other areas of your nonprofit’s technology strategy, whether you need help designing or maintaining your website, strengthening your digital marketing approach, or building a stronger technology stack.

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Blackbaud Support Resources

Want help with a specific Blackbaud product? On top of working with a Blackbaud expert, you can also do some research on your own to learn about the tool in question. Check out the list of common support resources below.

General Blackbaud Resources

Blackbaud itself offers a variety of support resources. Here are a few to make note of the next time you have a quick question about one of your Blackbaud tools:

  • Blackbaud Customer Support: Connect with the Blackbaud team for direct support by live chat, phone, or email.
  • Blackbaud Knowledgebase: Search by keyword to answer your questions about Blackbaud products.
  • Blackbaud Community: Connect with other Blackbaud users and experts to learn from each other and participate in discussions.
  • How-To Documentation: Use this library of resources to read articles, watch videos, and get the latest news about your Blackbaud tools.

Luminate Online Resources

As one of the most versatile products in the Blackbaud software family, Luminate Online can serve as your nonprofit’s complete online fundraising and marketing solution. Plus, with add-ons like TeamRaiser, you can expand your Luminate instance to cover all of your bases—but you’ll likely need a dedicated Blackbaud support expert to do so.

Learn more about getting the most out of Luminate Online!

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Raiser’s Edge NXT Support

Raiser’s Edge NXT (RE NXT) is one of Blackbaud’s more user-friendly, scalable fundraising and donor management solutions, but that doesn’t mean you won’t need ongoing support or development assistance to maximize your use of the software. Make sure you’re getting the most from its expansive feature set by leveraging the best support resources available.

Discover more about what RE NXT can do and get some tips on how to maximize its functionality.

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TeamRaiser Support

Used on its own or as part of the Luminate Online suite, TeamRaiser is a go-to fundraising solution for many nonprofits. TeamRaiser is Blackbaud’s highly customizable peer-to-peer fundraising software, equipped with tools to help nonprofits organize their P2P events and mobilize supporters through custom fundraising pages. To customize the solution for your unique needs, partner with a TeamRaiser expert.

Learn more about what TeamRaiser can do and how to get started with it.

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Top-tier support is a must-have for your Blackbaud products. When you have strategic guidance and expert insight into your software solutions, you’ll be prepared to get more from your technology than ever before.

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