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How to Find the Right Salesforce Event Management App

Whether you’re a government organization, an international corporation, or a nonprofit, events can be a major factor for your success.

7 Awesome Digital Advocacy Strategies for Luminate Online

Read our top digital advocacy strategies to get more from Luminate Online.

For advocacy-focused organizations, having a strategic online marketing and fundraising approach is a must. Not only can a smart digital advocacy plan help you engage with supporters through channels like email and social media, but it can also put your cause in front of a wide network of people who might not have known about your organization otherwise. 

What Can Your Nonprofit Learn from the Best and Worst Super Bowl Ads?

the best and worst super bowl ads

The Super Bowl. It’s more than just football, Super Bowl squares and snack stadiums. It’s when advertisers show the world months of hard work for a 30-second spot (that costs more than $5 million, by the way) to grab the attention of millions of viewers and get them talking. As nonprofit marketers, your budget and timelines are likely drastically shorter than those mega-brands, but there are some key concepts that you should definitely “borrow” for your next campaign strategy. Here, we're featuring everything we learned from the best and worst Super Bowl ads of 2018.

3 Ways to Start Using Luminate Beta in 2018

Blackbaud has been slowly releasing new features in Luminate Beta over the course of the last year, and while you may not be jumping up and down yet, there are already some features to get excited about. Today we’re sharing three features that we’re already using – and how you can too.

5 Ways to Take Luminate Advocacy to the Next Level

Check out these top strategies for using Luminate Advocacy.

A module within Blackbaud's Luminate Online Marketing platform, Luminate Advocacy was designed to help your nonprofit build out effective, energetic grassroots campaigns.

With Luminate Advocacy, your organization can motivate supporters to send persuasive letters to Capitol Hill, drive donations through a customized donation form, and effortlessly share their actions with family and friends.

No matter what your objectives are for your grassroots campaign, there's no question that Luminate Advocacy can be a game-changer. But just using Luminate Advocacy isn't enough.

9 Tips for Hiring the Right Salesforce Nonprofit Consultant

Follow our tips for finding the right nonprofit Salesforce consultant.

Download our free nonprofit technology consulting process guide!

Raiser's Edge vs. Salesforce for Nonprofits: A 360° Review

See how Raiser's Edge and Salesforce for Nonprofits compare to decide which is the right platform for your nonprofit.

Download our free nonprofit technology consulting process guide!

Top 8 (Tested) Technology Solutions for Nonprofits

Check out our picks for the top technology solutions for nonprofits.

By now, you're well aware that technology is a crucial piece of any nonprofit's operations. From streamlining day-to-day projects to centralizing expansive fundraising campaigns and multifaceted donor stewardship strategies, your nonprofit technology solution can make or break your efforts. 

Because software is so vital, there are an almost endless number of technology solutions for your nonprofit to sort through as you design an overarching technology strategy that addresses all of your many needs.

Nonprofit Technology Consulting: 6 Steps to Success

Discover Team DNL's nonprofit technology consulting process to learn everything you should expect from your IT consultant.

Download our free nonprofit technology consulting process guide!


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