DNL OmniMedia is proud to offer a custom mobile application to power your nonprofit’s advocacy and peer-to-peer efforts. Available for both iOS and Android mobile devices, MobileAction! is configured using Blackbaud Luminate Online and can be customized to meet your nonprofit’s needs.

Fundraising Apps & MobileAction!: An Overview

Why Are Nonprofits Investing in Fundraising Apps?

In recent years, technology has played a greater role in nonprofit operations. Donation collection via online giving forms, connection via social media, and even fundraising events in the virtual sphere all fit within this trend.

The most recent example of this is the rise of mobile apps for nonprofits. Organizations are now using mobile apps to connect with volunteers, conduct auctions, collect donations, the list goes on. But, why are nonprofits investing in this technology?

Explore these mobile phone statistics to determine whether a mobile app is ideal for your nonprofit.

Well, it’s simple: apps are the easiest way to meet supporters where they are— on their mobile phones. The statistics surrounding mobile phones speak for themselves:

  • 1 in 4 donors uses smartphones to discover new organizations to support.
  • 1 in 4 donors gives via a mobile device.
  • 96% of Americans own a mobile phone in some manner.
  • 1 in 5 Americans accesses the internet via smartphone alone.

Your nonprofit’s supporters engage with mobile phones not only in their everyday lives but particularly when interacting with your nonprofit. These devices make giving more accessible, provide additional data for analysis, and capitalize on exciting innovations in technology. To learn more, read team DNL’s guide to apps for nonprofits.

What is MobileAction!?

MobileAction! is a custom mobile app that’s configured using Blackbaud’s Luminate Online. Its principal function is to facilitate advocacy, fundraising, and donor communications in a straightforward, accessible manner.

MobileAction! is a donor-facing app. This means that your supporters download the app and can immediately participate in advocacy efforts, join peer-to-peer fundraisers, easily update their constituent profile information, and even provide feedback to your organization.

Key Uses of Our Luminate Online App

For illustrative purposes, team DNL has created mock-ups of what MobileAction! might look like for the nonprofit using it. The “Save Turtles” organization is a false organization that was created to demonstrate the app for your team.

With that, continue reading to explore the three main uses for MobileAction!.


Conducting a strong grassroots campaign can be a challenge simply due to the wide variety of efforts that need to take place. MobileAction!’s advocacy features consolidate these efforts within one convenient mobile app, allowing your nonprofit to convey important messaging and targets with ease. Let’s explore a few stand-out features:

  • Pre-set fields that share contact information for key advocacy targets.
  • Pre-set fields that share the ideal messaging your organization recommends sending to those contacts.
  • Direct access to advocacy actions within the app, whether sending messaging or calling representatives.
  • Manual logging of advocacy efforts, such as calls, within the app.
  • Connections with smartphone contacts and messaging apps to recruit new advocates.

Your nonprofit’s advocates can truly make a difference. With MobileAction!, you empower them with the tools to do so.

Advocacy is a key function of MobileAction!.

Peer-to-peer fundraising is a key function of MobileAction!.

Peer-to-peer Fundraising

MobileAction!’s fundraising tools are powered by Blackbaud’s TeamRaiser, a powerful peer-to-peer fundraising platform. With it, you’re able to engage supporters in virtual peer-to-peer fundraising events through their smartphones. Let’s explore a few key specs:

  • Event feed displaying past, current, and upcoming peer-to-peer events.
  • In-app access for participants to join events held through Luminate Online and recruit others (whether individually or as a team).
  • Fundraising goal progress updates, allowing supporters to log any offline gifts made in connection to the event.
  • In-app access to contact information and popular messaging apps to spread the word about the event and raise gifts.
  • Individual fundraiser and team tracking ability, allowing you to observe the progress of the overall event, donors, and fundraising teams.
  • Direct shareable link to spread the word about fundraising events on whatever platform the donor chooses.
  • A distance tracker that allows the participant to update their progress whether the event is a walk, run, etc.

Operating on the honor system, MobileAction!’s peer-to-peer abilities empower your donors to participate in fundraisers on a new level. They can keep information up-to-date and raise gifts all from the convenience of their smartphones.

Feedback and Communications

While MobileAction! is a donor-facing app, your nonprofit can utilize it to collect valuable information and feedback from supporters. Let’s explore the main types of information you can access with this custom Luminate Online App:

  • Donor contact information and preferences. Supporters can update their contact information and notification preferences, including email subscriptions and push notifications, directly from the app.
  • Recurring giving preferences. Donors can view their current and past gifts and modify the amount, payment date, and financial information of current recurring support.
  • Surveys and polls. Your organization can share topical surveys with supporters to receive feedback, whether with regards to the app experience or even a specific fundraising or advocacy campaign.

The information collected through MobileAction! is automatically saved within Luminate Online. Of course, this has major benefits for your donors as well as they’re able to update their personal information as needed without the hassle of asking your team to do so.

Feedback and communications are key features of MobileAction!.

Fundraising Apps for Nonprofits: Key Benefits

These are the benefits of MobileAction! for your nonprofit and donors alike.

Benefits for Your Nonprofit

MobileAction! Has benefits for your donors and your nonprofit alike. Let’s begin with the stand-out benefits for your organization:

  • A fully-customized app experience. MobileAction! is customized to your nonprofit alone— with familiar branding, messaging, and imagery to match your organization’s preferences. And, after team DNL creates the app, your team is able to edit it independently going forward.
  • Seamless connections to key Blackbaud products. Blackbaud is a major provider of robust nonprofit solutions, and MobileAction! will connect seamlessly with one of the most popular of these: Luminate Online. This ensures a clean and effective data transfer across the two platforms.
  • Ability to gather feedback in real-time as needed. With this mobile app, you can create and send a survey directly to your supporters’ smartphones with little hassle. When your team has questions that your donors have the answers to, you can quickly receive feedback.
  • Uncomplicated implementation process. Because team DNL configures the app on behalf of your organization, you don’t have to be a Blackbaud expert to access a fully-customized, impactful Luminate solution.

For your organization, MobileAction! enhances the Luminate Online platform, making fundraising and advocacy significantly more efficient.

Benefits for Your Donors

As MobileAction! is a donor-facing app, it has many benefits that make giving to and advocating on behalf of your cause easier than ever. When it comes to benefits for your donors, these are the highlights:

  • Ease of participation. Participating in peer-to-peer fundraising events or advocacy efforts is easier than ever. The app is intuitive for supporters and they don’t need to be software experts to participate.
  • Autonomy in their support of your organization. Donors are able to update their personal information independently and provide feedback to have their voices heard in response to your organization’s efforts.
  • Access to personal records and giving history. Your donors are able to review their giving history and past participation in events for their own records.
  • Increased success in fundraising and advocacy efforts. Because they’re able to easily share opportunities across their social circles, donors can experience greater success with fundraising and advocacy efforts.

For your donors, MobileAction! makes supporting your organization an accessible and engaging experience.

How Can You Access Team DNL’s Luminate Online Mobile App?

In addition to your organization’s worthy mission, a few other steps are required to access MobileAction!

These are the steps to implement MobileAction!.

In order for team DNL to implement and brand the app to your organization, you’ll need access to Luminate Online. During the process, a DNL OmniMedia consultant will review your particular Luminate Online instance and develop an implementation plan tailored to your organization’s needs. The steps are as follows:

  1. Discovery: team DNL reviews your LO instance and explores branding possibilities.
  2. Implementation: DNL routes all necessary Luminate Online configurations and brands the app to your organization.
  3. Launch: Once setup is complete, team DNL launches the app in the App Store and Android Market under the ownership of your organization.

After this process is complete, your MobileAction! app is managed from within Luminate Online. You’re able to create, edit, and manage all app content in real-time from within LO.

With regards to pricing, MobileAction! Is available in two pricing tiers: General Market and Enterprise. Both tiers include 25k active users and access to push notifications to start, with the ability to upgrade the number of users as needed.

Learn More About Mobile Fundraising Apps

Team DNL can’t wait to customize MobileAction! to meet your organization’s needs. To learn more, contact us today.

For more information about digital fundraising and advocacy strategies, explore the following additional resources:

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