DNL is proud to offer a mobile called MobileAction! to help support your organization’s advocacy and peer-to-peer fundraising efforts. The app can be customized to fit your organization’s need and can include some or all available features.  It is available for iOS and Android mobile devices.

What Does the App Do?

Advocacy Alerts

An advocacy alert feed is populated in the app so your supporters can stay up to date on important messaging that are you communicating to public officials and custom targets.

Account / Profile

The profile enables users to manage their contact information and email preferences easily. When saved, the information is updated in Luminate Online.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Events

The event feed displays current, future, and past TeamRaiser events. Event participants can register for new events, track their fundraising progress for active events, and send messages to their mobile contacts to encourage support.


Looking for feedback from your app users or want to target them with a poll? Create a survey and have it featured within the app. Once completed, the survey will no longer show up for the constituent.

My Support

The support screen displays your donor’s donation history and ongoing recurring donations. Recurring donations can be edited and saved via the app to modify gift amount and the next payment date. The app can also display your Luminate Online donation campaigns and encourage constituents to support your mission.

Flexible Customization

The MobileAction! app was developed with your organization in mind. The app will be branded to match the look and feel of your website. Color scheme, fonts, and your organization’s logo will be added to bolster brand recognition. Each app is configured to fit your organization’s business model you can choose only the features that you want to use.

What Do I Need in Order to Get the App?

Besides a worthy mission, Blackbaud’s Luminate Online is required in order for team DNL to implement and brand the app for your organization. Team DNL will review your Luminate instance and develop an implementation plan tailored to your organization. We can have your organization up and running in the Android Market and iOS App Store quickly.

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