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Nonprofit Resources

Apps for Nonprofits: Top Tips and Providers for Your Mission

Is your nonprofit considering investing in a mobile app? Explore our guide to apps for nonprofits for top tips and providers for your team.

Grant Management: Top Tips & Software for Your Nonprofit

Grant management can be an overwhelming process-- but with effective software and these best practices, you'll be off to a great start.

Nonprofit Email Marketing: The Ultimate Guide for Online Engagement

Is your organization considering nonprofit email marketing? Explore this guide for an overview and best practices to get started.

Nonprofit Technology: Why, What & How of Smarter Fundraising

Are you considering investing in new nonprofit technology? Explore this guide for benefits, challenges, top solutions, and best practices.

Virtual Peer-to-peer Fundraising: Tips and Ideas for Success

Are you considering hosting a virtual peer-to-peer fundraising event? Explore our top tips and ideas in this guide.

Nonprofit Marketing Consulting: Overview & 5 Top Picks

Nonprofit marketing consulting can increase your organization’s visibility and improve your fundraising efforts.

Nonprofit Web Compliance & Accessibility: The Complete Guide

Nonprofit website accessibility and compliance is an increasingly important concern for organizations of all sizes.

Salesforce for Nonprofits Implementation: What to Expect

The Salesforce for nonprofits implementation process requires careful research but can generate serious long-term growth, too.

Year-End Giving: A Complete Fundraising Guide for Nonprofits

Learn about fundraising strategies your nonprofit can use at the end of the year.

Advocacy Apps for Nonprofits: 8 Features Your Team Needs

When it comes to engaging supporters these days, you already know that going mobile is a prerequisite for success. This is especially true…

Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Tools: Picking a Platform

Blackbaud peer-to-peer fundraising tools can provide a massive boost to your fundraising. For nonprofits ready to make a new investment, co…

Nonprofit Website Design Projects: The Comprehensive Guide

Tips, tricks, and best practices your organization can use in web design projects.

Create Your Nonprofit Technology Plan: The 10 Step Guide

You're already fully aware that your organization relies on its technology for support in many (probably even most!) of your areas of opera…

Creating a Nonprofit Digital Strategy: 7 Steps for Success

Your organization already understands the importance of having updated and adaptive techniques for all its digital tools and marketing outl…

Luminate Online Consulting: Expert Support for Nonprofits

Blackbaud's Luminate Online suite is one of the most popular digital toolkits available for mid-sized to enterprise-level nonprofits. Offer…

Raiser’s Edge Consulting: 6 Steps for Hiring an Expert

A guide to help you hire the right Raiser's Edge consultant.

Blackbaud Consulting Services: A Nonprofit’s Guide

Blackbaud products represent some of the most powerful digital tools on the market for nonprofit organizations.

Donor Analytics Crash Course: 5 Nonprofit Data Essentials

All nonprofits should seek to get to know their supporters better. Without a keen knowledge of who it is that you're soliciting for donatio…

13 Key Analytics for Nonprofits: Why These Metrics Matter

Your nonprofit knows that effective data management is key to understanding your constituency and building better fundraising and engagemen…

5 Nonprofit Data Management Strategies for Smarter Fundraising

From choosing a CRM to the top tips for nonprofit data management best practices, explore DNL's guide to smarter fundraising.

Google AdWords for Nonprofits: 7 Essential Strategies

Is your nonprofit using Google AdWords yet? If not, you're missing out on the opportunity to drive more traffic to your site, increase yo…

The Ultimate Google Grant Management Guide for Nonprofits

Many nonprofits already know that Google Grants can be a powerful piece of your fundraising and marketing strategy.

Blackbaud vs. Salesforce: A 360° Review for Nonprofits

Explore a comparison between Blackbaud's Raiser's Edge NXT and Salesforce's NPSP.

Nonprofit Technology Consulting: 6 Steps to Success

Your nonprofit undoubtedly relies on software to accomplish all of your many goals, from bringing in those valuable fundraising dollars to …

Blackbaud CRM: 5 Essentials to Know Before Implementation

Chances are, your organization is at least familiar with the wealth of software products available from Blackbaud, a long-time leader in no…

Top Raiser’s Edge Training Resources for Nonprofits

Raiser's Edge is a popular fundraising solution for nonprofits of all shapes and sizes. While this phenomenal software can help your organi…
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