August 25, 2020

Did you know that many nonprofits raise (at least) one-third of their fundraising dollars in December?

We all know that the end-of-year period is critical to meeting your goals and fulfilling your organization’s mission. You’ve got to get it right ― and that means giving your supporters a great experience.

Marketing automation, personalized appeals, and multi-channel campaigns are all important tools in your fundraiser toolkit, especially at the end-of-year. But if you don’t have any of this setup ― where do you start?

In this 60-minute action-packed webinar, digital strategist, and technology Maureen Wallbeoff and Carl Diesing from DNL OmniMedia will share digital fundraising tips, tricks, and tactics that you can use to stand out and raise more.

Lessons Learned

  • The five things every donor wants when giving online
  • Examples of best practices for email appeals, donation forms, and campaign promotion
  • How to create and run a simple testing plan this fall
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