This DNL custom solution offers complete customization of the users’ account management pages. It combines multiple pages into one easy to navigate web app, which makes the profile management easy for users. This web app gives web administrators the ability to fully customize navigation and the look and feel of those pages.

DNL Custom Features

View and Manage Ongoing Recurring Gifts

  • Edit gift amount and next gift date.
  • Edit billing information for each gift.

View and Edit Profile Information

  • Name, phone numbers, addresses, username, password.

Manage Email / Web Interests

  • Opt-in to or opt-out from email subscription lists, newsletters.
  • Opt-in to and opt-out from web interests, content categories.


  • View all current TeamRaiser events.
  • Provide links to the fundraiser’s participant center, event fundraising homepage, personal page, team page and event management center, where applicable.


  • View all the donor’s transaction history: one-time donations, recurring donations, e-commerce purchases, ticketed events, and TeamRaiser registrations.
  • Ability to filter transactions by year.


  • View all available advocacy actions.
  • Ability to filter advocacy actions by action taken and not yet taken.

Blackbaud Standard Features

  • View and edit personal details with very little control over how it works without extreme JavaScript intervention.
  • View transaction information summary including last transaction, date, lifetime giving, number of lifetime transactions, external first gift and external last gift.
  • Membership information that includes status, member since, member id, renewal date, membership type (with the ability to edit), and membership expiration date.
  • Sustained giving information that includes status, monthly amount, start date, end date, card expiration date, last payment attempt failure code, intervals since last successful payment, gift plans eligible for processing.
  • Management of the custom profile fields.

Email / Web Interests

  • Similar to our member center but with less flexibility as for how it works, looks, etc.

Service Center for Sustained Giving

  • View gift summaries for gifts including canceled gifts.
  • View gift information for all gifts including canceled gifts.
  • Modify gift date, gift amount, and billing information.
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