The Email Authoring Tool is a web app that helps your staff quickly author emails without the need for HTML coding experience.

What Does the Email Authoring Tool Do?

  • It gives authors an ability to customize the email message with a WYSIWYG editor
  • Allows administrators to configure the app with your brand’s styles, this includes buttons, images, links, and headings
  • Allows authors to configure the preview text that users can see before they open the message
  • Allows authors to add Google Analytics tracking parameters such as medium, source, and campaign to all email links
  • Provides an accurate preview of the email by allowing authors to selecting from a list of configured stationery
  • Provides an output HTML code that’s is been configured to be compatible with all major email clients, this includes adding inline CSS to each elements and providing code snippets specific to Windows Outlook
  • Provides authors a on-click function to copy the output code which can then be pasted into Luminate Online for sending
  • Provides an export and import feature to easily allow email authors to edit the email at a later date
DNL Omnimedia has a full guide available to help your staff breeze through email authoring.


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