Understanding TeamRaiser

TeamRaiser is one of three peer-to-peer fundraising solutions offered by Blackbaud, ideal for mid-sized to large nonprofits that conduct major, event-based peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns.

It’s a top-to-bottom solution made for organizations that are ready to invest in their peer-to-peer strategies and develop more complex multichannel campaigns. To date, TeamRaiser has been used by 1000+ organizations, conducted 6.5 million+ fundraisers, and facilitated $867 million+ in donations.

As Blackbaud’s most flexible peer-to-peer solution, TeamRaiser is highly customizable and can be configured to meet your nonprofit’s particular fundraising needs. It shines during major peer-to-peer campaigns, such as a peer-to-peer campaign that culminates in a walkathon or a 5K race.

TeamRaiser Pricing

Of Blackbaud’s peer-to-peer fundraising tools, TeamRaiser has the highest price point due to its expansive functionality and customization capabilities. Because of this, it’s best suited for mid-sized to large nonprofit organizations that are leveling up major, event-based peer-to-peer campaigns rather than smaller organizations that don’t rely on peer-to-peer as a major revenue stream.

TeamRaiser can be purchased in tandem with the entire Luminate Online suite, or as an independent module. However, it’s important to remember that this investment will likely require a larger budget than the cost of just the software license itself. For instance, your organization will want to invest in tech consulting for custom configurations of your TeamRaiser instance should you purchase this solution.

To learn more about TeamRaiser pricing and implementing it into your tech stack, contact DNL OmniMedia today. Our team can help discern whether this is the right solution for you and if so, help you get in touch with Blackbaud.

Tools to Make the Most of TeamRaiser


We’ve discussed how LuminateOnline is a natural expansion to TeamRaiser’s peer-to-peer fundraising tools. However, taking this even further, organizations that implement both Luminate Online and TeamRaiser can access DNL OmniMedia’s custom online fundraising app, MobileAction!.

With MobileAction!, nonprofits can engage supporters with:

  • Advocacy alerts
  • Survey questionnaires
  • Donation requests
  • Peer-to-Peer fundraising events

And best of all, the app is fully customized, and supporters interact with it directly from their smartphones.

Distance Tracker

With DNL OmniMedia’s Distance Tracker, your organization can hold a digital event— whether a walk, run, or even a bike-a-thon— and empower constituents to track their own progress in the event.

This could mean tracking steps walked, prayers received, books read, or miles ran— the possibilities are endless! Your organization and constituents can track the progress of individual participants, teams, or even the event as a whole.

The tracker is designed so that as the individual participants set their goals, the accumulation of the various participants’ goals determines what is displayed on thermometers as both team and overall event goals. As constituents track their own progress, their data accumulates to build team and event progress meters.

This information is recorded within Luminate Online and appears within the constituent’s TeamRaiser Participant Center and public-facing event pages. Plus, DNL OmniMedia’s Distance Tracker is fully customizable, meaning Team DNL will help you configure it to your event’s branding and unique parameters.


Teamraiser also integrates with Facebook. This integration allows:

  • Participants to connect their TeamRaiser page with Facebook. Participants can create fundraisers with a few clicks and natively raise funds within the social network.
  • Donations to be processed through TeamRaiser. Donors make a donation directly within Facebook, but the transaction itself is processed through TeamRaiser.
  • Peer-to-Peer fundraisers to stand out in a crowded landscape. The Facebook algorithm favors these native-appearing fundraisers over external links to donation pages. Hence, participants have a better chance of their friends seeing the fundraiser while scrolling through their feeds.

With these integrations, nonprofits can maximize their use of the TeamRaiser peer-to-peer fundraising tool by adding marketing and social fundraising functionality.

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Blackbaud TeamRaiser Features

Participant Center

TeamRaiser equips peer-to-peer fundraiser participants with the ability to manage their fundraising pages and teams through an intuitive, mobile-accessible dashboard. It has built-in email communication, automation, and segmentation to make it easy for participants to spread the word. Users can log offline gifts to ensure those gifts are accounted for toward their peer-to-peer efforts, and you can share step-by-step guidance to help participants reach their goals.

Additionally, with personalized fundraising pages, returning participants can pick up where they left off in the year prior with the same address books and donor lists in their toolbox. Because of the Facebook integration, participants can log in with the social network and thank donors that gave via social media. In just one instance of how the Participant Center elevates participants, Blackbaud has found that peer-to-peer participants who send emails via the Participant Center raise 2x more than those who don’t.

Customizable Personal Pages

With TeamRaiser, peer-to-peer participants can create personal fundraising pages dedicated to their efforts. Within this page, they can share their story and why they’re raising funds for your cause. This can go a long way when it comes to inspiring friends, family members, and colleagues to give.

Further, participants can set goals for their personal peer-to-peer involvement and track progress toward those goals. Personalized goals not only keep participants accountable, but motivate them to achieve and surpass their fundraising goals year after year.


TeamRaiser has built-in tools designed to motivate peer-to-peer participants to higher levels of activity during your campaigns. Participants can earn behavior-based badges correlating to fundraising milestones during their campaigns, such as contacting a certain number of prospects or raising a certain amount of funds. These badges can then be displayed directly on their personal fundraising pages as a sign of achievement.

Competitive leaderboards update in real-time as donations come in, garnering a sense of healthy competition between participants. Users can view lists of top individual fundraisers and fundraising teams, and compete to raise the most funds and come out on top.

Advanced Marketing Tools

TeamRaiser is equipped with advanced marketing tools to help your team spread the word about the fundraiser, recruit effective participants, and retain those participants long after the campaign has ended.

You can track key email metrics such as open and click-through rates to understand which marketing communications are most effective with your audience. With segmented communications, you can identify your most influential supporters and automate your communications to those groups to thank them and encourage their continued enthusiasm. Plus, for annual peer-to-peer fundraisers, you can pick up where you left off in the year prior with tools aimed at retaining past participants.

Automated Coaching

Participants in your peer-to-peer programs are eager to fundraise for your cause, but they’re often not equipped with years of fundraising experience to help them reach their goals. TeamRaiser’s automated coaching empowers you to provide step-by-step guidance to help participants achieve success.

Directly within the Participant Center, you can share hints, updates about the campaign, and important deadlines. You can trigger timely email messages that will be relevant to participant needs at certain points of the campaign, to provide the most helpful information when it’s needed. These messages and emails can be triggered by participants’ actions— whether it’s registering for the event, reaching a benchmark goal, or approaching a milestone.


TeamRaiser offers a combination of both standard and custom reports so your team can stay up-to-date on fundraising performance. With configurable dashboards, you can visualize the key performance indicators that best represent success for your team. By tracking key benchmarks, you can quickly identify growth opportunities for your campaign and act on them accordingly.

Reports can also be scheduled with automated delivery to ensure the information you need is available when you need it. And, if you’re a Raiser’s Edge NXT user, you can integrate that system with TeamRaiser to align your peer-to-peer reporting with overall operations reporting for a full picture of your fundraising efforts.

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Benefits of This Blackbaud Peer-to-peer Fundraising Software

Impactful Integrations

Because TeamRaiser integrates directly with Luminate Online, Blackbaud CRM solutions, Facebook, and more, the functionality of this peer-to-peer software is drastically expanded. Beyond setting up peer-to-peer fundraising pages, marketing the opportunity, and collecting peer-to-peer funds, you can also conduct social fundraising, more general fundraising (such as through online donation pages), and advanced marketing.

Accessible for Participants

TeamRaiser sets your participants up for success, whether it’s their first peer-to-peer fundraiser or they’ve been a regular supporter. From setting up fundraising pages, connecting those pages to Facebook for social fundraising, or learning the best practices for peer-to-peer fundraising, TeamRaiser equips them with the tools and guidance to complete the task. This means that participants have more autonomy and won’t need to come to your nonprofit for assistance at each step in the process.

Enlightened Recruitment

TeamRaiser empowers you to add new dimensions, such as social media recruitment, to your peer-to-peer strategy. For example, you can identify social influencers in your community— supporters that are particularly impactful on social media— and invite them to be ambassadors for peer-to-peer fundraising events. You can provide these participants with shareable codes which they can post on social media with the goal of registering other participants.

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Should Your Nonprofit Invest in Teamraiser?

You Want to Sustainably Scale up Your Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

This peer-to-peer fundraising solution is perfect for organizations that are looking to add efficiency to large-scale peer-to-peer campaigns. By integrating with Raiser’s Edge NXT, you can access a full picture of data and benchmark reports to make data-driven decisions and create an improved campaign strategy moving forward. And, the streamlined process for peer-to-peer participants means that more supporters can be successful in their efforts with less assistance from your team. This positive experience will increase the likelihood that they will fundraise again in the future.

You Want to Make the Most of Social Media in Your Peer-to-Peer Efforts

Facebook’s fundraising tools are making waves in the space and have facilitated billions in donations since they were first launched. TeamRaiser enhances how your nonprofit can use social media in its peer-to-peer fundraising efforts, with direct Facebook integrations for native fundraising and social media marketing tools. The process is seamless for donors, who can give directly through a Facebook fundraiser. And, because donations are then processed through TeamRaiser, your team can access valuable data and information that wouldn’t be available in a traditional Facebook fundraiser.

You’re Seeking to Invest in a Peer-to-Peer Solution That Can Grow with Your Programming

We know that TeamRaiser is a highly customizable solution that’s best suited for organizations that have the resources to invest in configuring it to their exact needs. Because of this, it’s also ideal for organizations that are looking to invest in a long-term solution that can grow as their needs do. Whether that’s new peer-to-peer campaign types, expansive locations, or additional functionality, TeamRaiser can adapt to meet your peer-to-peer fundraising needs for the long run.

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What Do You Need to Implement This Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Software?

An Experienced Teamraiser Consultant

Because TeamRaiser is a robust peer-to-peer solution, you’ll want to work with a nonprofit technology consultant to ensure the solution is set up to meet your nonprofit’s exact needs. This includes services such as:

  • Software customization to configure TeamRaiser to your nonprofit’s unique requirements
  • Technical strategy to ensure the solution is implemented into your tech stack effectively
  • Fundraising strategy to incorporate TeamRaiser into your overall fundraising efforts
  • Website development to create custom fundraising pages for your peer-to-peer campaigns

Review this North Shore Animal League case study to see what this process could look like. In this example, DNL OmniMedia worked with the organization to complete a variety of tasks, including creating a custom landing page to serve as an index for TeamRaiser events, configuring and applying custom designs to fundraising events, and building a custom participant center interface.

Consider the following:

  • Will we be better served working with Blackbaud support or external consultants?
  • Which nonprofit technology partners will we contact to learn more?
  • Do we need a consultant with expertise in multiple Blackbaud solutions?

A Budget That Covers the Software and Custom Configuration

Some nonprofits make the mistake of only budgeting for the initial software license and little beyond that point. We recommend accounting for the software license as well as the customization needed to configure that solution to your needs.

This includes additional costs such as consulting, team training, and even any software solutions (such as Luminate Online) that you may want to invest in alongside TeamRaiser. Considering this full budget in advance will set your team up for success in the long run, ensuring TeamRaiser is a sustainable addition to your tech stack.

Ask yourself the following:

  • Do we have the budget for the initial software and consulting costs for custom configurations?
  • What customization will we need to make TeamRaiser effective for our fundraising programming?
  • Will customizing this solution involve investing in additional software, such as Luminate Online or MobileAction!?

A Strategy for Incorporating Teamraiser into Your Tech Stack

TeamRaiser isn’t going to be working independently to carry out your fundraising strategy. For example, it will be feeding data into your constituent relationship management system, accepting event registrations from your event planning tools, and maybe even coordinating with a custom mobile event app to give participants mobile access to fundraising tools.

This is why it’s crucial to form a strategy for how TeamRaiser will fit into the overall ecosystem of your nonprofit technology. For example, consider which integrations need to be built and who will be responsible for ensuring those connections are secure and created on schedule. And, consider which parts of your fundraising strategy that TeamRaiser will handle— for example, will peer-to-peer related emails be sent through TeamRaiser, or your marketing tool?

Consider the following:

  • What software solutions will we be integrating TeamRaiser with?
  • Will we invest in additional software to expand the functionality of the system?
  • Who will manage the implementation of TeamRaiser to ensure it’s incorporated effectively and on schedule?

Training to Ensure Your Staff Uses Teamraiser Effectively

If you’re investing in TeamRaiser, that probably means that you’re scaling up your peer-to-peer technology. It’s likely a more robust system than your team has used in the past, and it’s important that they’re trained to use the solution effectively.

You’ll likely want to partner with a nonprofit technology consultant to conduct this training and document it for replication as new members join the team. Additionally, it may be valuable to create educational materials for peer-to-peer participants who will be using the platform for the first time.

Ask yourself the following:

  • Which team members will need to be trained to use TeamRaiser?
  • How can we document that training for effective replication in the future?
  • Do we need to create training materials so participants are prepared to fundraise effectively?
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