Blackbaud Partners for Your Nonprofit: 10 Top Picks

February 26, 2023
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Blackbaud is a leader in the nonprofit technology space because of the scope and versatility of its offerings. The Blackbaud nonprofit software ecosystem has a wide range of solutions that can help nearly any nonprofit handle its online fundraising, marketing, and data management needs.

Aside from offering an expansive set of core software solutions (like Blackbaud CRM, Raiser’s Edge NXT, TeamRaiser, and Luminate Online), Blackbaud also allows expert third parties to innovate new solutions and services that fit seamlessly into their suite of products.

These are Blackbaud Partners, and they’re a core part of why Blackbaud is an effective and reliable choice for so many nonprofits.

Get an overview of what a Blackbaud partner is.

What are Blackbaud Partners?

Blackbaud Partners are recognized providers of additional solutions and services that build out the functionality of Blackbaud platforms. By providing authorized support and add-on tools, these partners can help users expand the platform beyond its normal functionalities, allowing it to be customized to your organization’s unique needs. They also help refer new customers to Blackbaud products and streamline the migration and adoption processes for new users.

Partners typically fall into one or more of these categories:

  • Consultation services. Typical services include migration, custom configuration, training, and the development of overarching technology plans. Some consultants also offer ongoing support, which can be essential for managing your software solutions long-term without needing to hire a new internal team member.
  • Add-ons for Blackbaud products. Add-on tools come in all shapes and sizes. They are usually designed to help nonprofits address a specific need, like creating a mobile app or membership portal.
  • Custom integrations. Partners can create custom integrations to add to your Blackbaud platform, allowing you to develop your software to your nonprofit’s exact specifications.

Many Blackbaud partners will fit into one or both categories of service and product providers. For instance, it’s not unusual for a technology consulting firm to offer custom integration services and pre-built Blackbaud add-ons.

Blackbaud has also recently announced improvements to its Partner Network. With automated onboarding, an online partner community, and a new learning management system, partners can more easily integrate their solutions with Blackbaud. In turn, nonprofits can expect to receive access to even more cutting-edge integrations that maximize and streamline their operations.

Learn more about the Blackbaud partner marketplace.

What is the Blackbaud Partner Marketplace?

The Blackbaud Partner Marketplace is the centralized, authoritative resource for finding approved vendors and Blackbaud Partners. The Marketplace should be your main resource for finding a consultant or add-on tool for your Blackbaud toolkit.

Partners’ services vary widely and are sortable by platform, region, and type of product/service. To help kickstart your team’s research into potential partners, we’ve provided an overview of some top providers in different categories:

  1. DNL OmniMedia — Top Full-Service Blackbaud Partner
  2. 360MatchPro — Top Partner for Matching Gift Support
  3. Zobrio — Top Blackbaud Partner for Financial Edge Support
  4. Snowball Fundraising — Top Partner for Mobile Giving
  5. — Top Partner for eCommerce Fundraising
  6. CallHub — Top Blackbaud Partner for Mobile Communication
  7. Omatic Software — Top Blackbaud Partner for Data Solutions
  8. AvidXchange — Top Partner for Invoice and Payment Automation
  9. BoardEffect — Top Blackbaud Partner for Board Management
  10. VolunteerHub — Top Blackbaud Partner for Volunteer Management

Based on your nonprofit’s needs, one or more of these partners may have the exact services you’re looking for. Consider how you want to build out your Blackbaud solution and think about how each of these partners may fit into that vision.

DNL OmniMedia is the top Blackbaud partner for implementation and development services.

1. Top Full-Service Blackbaud Partner – DNL OmniMedia

Overview of DNL OmniMedia

DNL OmniMedia is a full-service technology consulting firm for nonprofits with expertise in the Blackbaud ecosystem.

Our team of Blackbaud consultants can help you leverage your technology to its fullest potential, whether that’s by configuring and customizing your new platform, developing a middleware solution to integrate platforms and preserve data hygiene, or creating a strategic roadmap for making the most of your tools in the future.

Working exclusively with nonprofits, we understand the unique set of needs and pressures that fundraising brings and can create fully customized solutions for your Blackbaud toolkit.

Explore the services DNL OmniMedia offers as a Blackbaud partner.

Core Services

As a certified Blackbaud Technology Partner, DNL OmniMedia offers a wide range of products and services developed specifically to help nonprofits make the most of their Blackbaud platforms. They include:

  • Custom Blackbaud solutions. As an official Blackbaud solution provider, we provide implementation services, essential training and documentation, and fully customized solutions for Blackbaud CRMLuminate OnlineRaiser’s Edge NXT, and more.
  • Technical strategy development. For more thorough upgrade projects, we’ll help your organization develop a long-term technology plan, ensuring proper training and adoption to make your investments pay off. With our DNL+ offering, we also provide ongoing support that includes additional training sessions, website monitoring, and bi-annual reports to help guide your nonprofit’s technology strategy.
  • Website design and development services. Your website should serve as the central, donor-facing hub for engaging your community. We can develop custom solutions and integrations to expand your website’s functionalities and ensure it connects seamlessly with your Blackbaud system.
  • Fundraising products for Luminate Online. We also develop customized fundraising tools for the Luminate platform, including P2P, advocacy mobile apps, gift entry portal, an email authoring app, a web survey app, TeamRaiser extensions and overlays, member center customizations, and more. Learn more about our array of products.
  • Ongoing support. Sign up for DNL+ to receive ongoing support that includes website monitoring, strategic assistance, additional training sessions, and access to our library of educational resources.

Explore our website to learn more about our full range of Blackbaud consultation services and customizable products.

Partner with DNL OmniMedia to receive custom development and ongoing support services for your Blackbaud platform. Start working with DNL OmniMedia today. Contact us.

360MatchPro is the top Blackbaud partner for matching gifts.

2. Top Blackbaud Partner for Matching Gift Support – 360MatchPro

Overview of 360MatchPro

360MatchPro by Double the Donation is the industry’s leading platform for matching gift support and automation.

Offering the most comprehensive and up-to-date database of corporate philanthropy program info and guidelines, 360MatchPro makes it easier for nonprofits to maximize the impact of their supporters’ donations. The solution’s embeddable search tools and auto-submission feature make it easy for nonprofits to encourage donors to apply for a matching gift.

Explore 360MatchPro to find a Blackbaud partner for matching gifts.

Core Services

As a Blackbaud Technology Partner, 360MatchPro offers the following key features:

  • Embeddable matching gift forms and search tools for donors
  • Match tracking to ensure follow-through
  • Automated messaging and customizable email streams for eligible donors
  • Complete analytics and reporting tools

360MatchPro integrates with Blackbaud CRM, Luminate CRM, Raiser’s Edge NXT, and TeamRaiser. No matter which Blackbaud platform your nonprofit uses, you can easily promote matching gifts to your donors and benefit from a clean flow of data into your database.

Zobrio is the top Blackbaud partner for financial edge support.

3. Top Blackbaud Partner for Financial Edge Support – Zobrio

Overview of Zobrio

Zobrio is a leading Blackbaud Partner for Financial Edge support. As Blackbaud’s answer for the unique needs of nonprofit and government accounting, Financial Edge can be a complex platform to set up, configure, and migrate.

Your organization’s financial records and tools are essential to keep organized, and nonprofits should partner with a consultant if they intend to move or reconfigure them. If you’re thinking of making changes or updates, support from both the technical experts and CPAs at Zobrio might be an essential investment for your organization.

Explore how Zobrio be your nonprofit's Blackbaud partner for Financial Edge.

Core Services

Zobrio is an official Blackbaud Solution Provider and offers the following core services to their clients and customers:

  • Complete start-to-finish Financial Edge support, including setup, configuration, integration, and migration services
  • Customizable add-on products, including cash management and billing platforms that easily integrate with Financial Edge
  • IT and managed services to provide 24/7 support and monitoring for your accounting software

Zobrio is the leading provider of fund accounting support and add-on products for Blackbaud users.

Snowball Fundraising is the best Blackbaud partner for mobile giving.

4. Top Blackbaud Partner for Mobile Giving – Snowball Fundraising

Overview of Snowball Fundraising

Snowball Fundraising is a leading provider of fundraising tools designed to help you maximize your donor engagement on mobile channels.

Suitable for organizations of all sizes, the Snowball suite of tools is flexible, scalable, and highly streamlined. Providing a positive and fast user experience is their top priority, and that focus on convenience can translate to revenue growth and donor retention for your organization.

Discover how Snowball can improve your fundraising through Blackbaud.

Core Services

As a fundraising software that integrates with Blackbaud platforms, Snowball Fundraising provides powerful tools for nonprofits looking to boost mobile engagement. Their core tools include:

  • Unlimited, customizable donation pages fully optimized for mobile users
  • Unlimited text-to-give campaigns with custom keywords
  • Unlimited fundraising thermometer widgets
  • Easy-to-setup event ticketing tools
  • Complete reporting and analytics features

Snowball can also help develop custom Blackbaud integrations as needed. Reach out to them to discuss your needs. is the top Blackbaud partner for e-commerce.

5. Top Blackbaud Partner for eCommerce Fundraising –

Overview of is a popular promotions platform for coupons and eCommerce that also offers structured partnerships with nonprofit organizations.

The process is simple: eligible nonprofits register with the Goodshop platform, supporters select the organization as their chosen cause when shopping online, and the nonprofit then receives a percentage of the total transaction as a donation. They call it “shopfunding.”

As a Blackbaud partner, offers unique services for ecommerce.

Core Services’s core service is the partnership structure they offer nonprofits. Your supporters can get involved in multiple ways:

  • The main “shopfunding” portal
  • A coupon-finding browser extension, Gumdrop
  • A search engine, Goodsearch, that raises a penny every time your supporters enter a search query offers Blackbaud integrations for their partnered nonprofits, making it easy to track and manage your eCommerce fundraising sources.

CallHub is the top Blackbaud partner for mobile communication.

6. Top Blackbaud Partner for Mobile Communication – Callhub

Overview of Callhub

Callhub is a leading provider of mobile communication tools for nonprofits and advocacy organizations.

Their innovative software makes it easier than ever to launch mobile-based outreach campaigns that boost engagement and generate more conversions for your organization.

Explore CallHub's full suite of communication tools and Blackbaud integrations.

Core Services

Callhub’s core functions and services can support your nonprofit in a variety of ways, including:

  • Automated and manual dialer tools for one-on-one phone calls with supporters
  • Bulk texting features to reach large segments of your base at once
  • Peer-to-peer texting to launch engaging, personable outreach campaigns
  • Text-based registration and opt-in tools to collect key contact data

Callhub offers a ready-to-use integration for Luminate Online. Create new constituent profiles based on text interactions, easily flow new contact data into your CRM, and set up email automation triggers.

Omatic is the top Blackbaud partner for data services.

7. Top Blackbaud Partner for Data Solutions – Omatic Software

Overview of Omatic Software

Omatic Software is an ideal Blackbaud partner for larger nonprofits using multiple Blackbaud platforms.

Their mission is to make it easier to take complete control of your organization’s donor data. Their pre-configured products for Blackbaud platforms can bridge crucial gaps and create a streamlined workflow for your organization.

Check out Omatic Software's suite of pre-built data tools for Blackbaud.

Core Services

Omatic Software offers several key products for Blackbaud users, including:

  • PostOmatic, a ready-to-use and customizable solution to export Raiser’s Edge NXT data to your external accounting tools
  • A pre-configured integration to bridge the Luminate Online and Raiser’s Edge NXT platforms, including comprehensive, customizable fields and settings
  • ImportOmatic, a flexible data importation tool designed to help you quickly and easily import data from any source into Raiser’s Edge NXT

Omatic Software has been a reliable Blackbaud partner for nonprofits for many years because their tools provide effective support for the critical area of dataflow.

AvidXChange is the top Blackbaud partner for invoice and payment automation.

8. Top Blackbaud Partner for Invoice and Payment Automation – AvidXchange

Overview of AvidXchange

AvidXchange is the largest B2B payment network in the United States, servicing a wide range of organizations, including nonprofits.

For larger nonprofits, especially those with multiple chapters, it can be challenging to manage all of your vendors, organize invoices, and automate payments. AvidXchange’s Blackbaud-integrated tools make it easier to keep track of your organization’s finances.

Check out how AvidXchange's Blackbaud tools can streamline your accounts payable processes.

Core Services

AvidXchange offers several key tools:

  • Digital invoice management features to simplify the process for your suppliers and vendors
  • Customizable workflows for your internal management and accounting teams
  • Intuitive payment tools to automate your recurring payments to vendors

AvidXchange’s tools integrate with Blackbaud’s Financial Edge accounting platform, bringing automation capabilities to your nonprofit’s technology stack.

BoardEffect is the top Blackbaud platform for board management.

9. Top Blackbaud Partner for Board Management – BoardEffect

Overview of BoardEffect

BoardEffect is a leading tool for managing and empowering your organization’s board of directors.

As a Blackbaud Technology Partner, their tools are ideal for Raiser’s Edge NXT users looking for new ways to organize and streamline their board’s work.

BoardEffect's Blackbaud tools can empower your board to handle their tasks more effectively.

Core Services

BoardEffect’s board portal software is designed to support your board’s work in a number of key areas with tools such as:

  • Cyclical management of schedules, tasks, and approvals
  • Surveys and evaluations
  • Budget development and audits
  • Recruitment and orientation
  • Reporting

If you use Raiser’s Edge NXT, consider using BoardEffect to streamline your board’s key data and activities.

10. Top Blackbaud Partner for Volunteer Management – VolunteerHub

Overview of VolunteerHub

VolunteerHub is one of the most popular volunteer management and engagement platforms for nonprofits, and it integrates with Blackbaud software. With its comprehensive features, VolunteerHub can help you make the most of your volunteers’ valuable time.

Check out VolunteerHub's full range of management features for your volunteer programming.

Core Services

VolunteerHub’s core features include:

  • Complete scheduling, sign-up, and recruitment tools for volunteers
  • Database capabilities to create profiles for volunteers or automatically sync with your CRM
  • Event planning and marketing features, including social media and text messaging
  • Automated thank-you tools, deduplication, and intuitive reporting features

As an already comprehensive platform that cleanly integrates with a range of Blackbaud products, VolunteerHub is a smart choice for any organization looking to build out its volunteer programming.

Getting Started with a Blackbaud Consultant or Partner

Blackbaud’s flexible platforms allow you to manage your organization’s data, fundraising efforts, and donor profiles. Maximize your platform’s potential by working with a Blackbaud partner to build out the functionality of your instance of Raiser’s Edge NXT, Luminate Online, or any other Blackbaud platform.

Determine your exact needs before getting started. Do you need a preconfigured add-on product, an integration between two solutions, or a completely customized product or strategy? Use your needs to narrow down your search, and start researching partners on the Blackbaud Partner Marketplace.

You can also continue your research with these top resources:

Partner with the right Blackbaud consulting firm for your nonprofit organization today. Get in touch with our team at DNL OmniMedia. Contact us.

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