Nonprofit Consulting Firms: 27 Leaders in Their Spaces

February 14, 2022
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Check out these top nonprofit consulting firms to help with any project.

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Nonprofit organizations look to outside experts for all kinds of reasons. You likely already have an idea of the kind of support you’re looking for. However, you’re also probably unsure of how to get started and where to even begin looking for potential partners that you can trust.

Nonprofit consultants and their services can be serious game-changers for organizations. Let’s walk through the essentials you’ll need to orient your team during your search and then list some top providers across several specializations. Here’s what we’ll cover:

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Let's start with the basics of nonprofit consultants and social sector consulting firms.

The Basics of Nonprofit Consulting

What is a nonprofit consulting firm?

A nonprofit consulting firm is a partner that provides specialized, expert services to nonprofit organizations.

Nonprofit consulting services might solve a specific challenge, like customizing and cleaning up your database, or serve as more of a long-term investment, like designing a complete technology plan for your nonprofit. The most effective nonprofit consulting projects will address immediate problems and provide long-term strategic value that helps you grow.

Why should I hire a nonprofit consulting firm?

Generally, nonprofits partner with consulting firms when they face a clear need or challenge.

For example, you could need assistance with:

  • Fundraising strategy, including a wide range of specialized campaign types.
  • Technology strategy and solution implementation.
  • Major giving and prospect research support.
  • Marketing strategy development.
  • Graphic design support.
  • Internal support, like for accounting or HR.

Nonprofits generally don’t partner with consultants year-round for ongoing support with all of their operations. Rather, they partner with specific consultants that specialize in and can help them overcome key pain points for their organization. Because of this, you must understand your goal for the partnership before researching consultants to ensure you find the right one for your team.

How do I find a nonprofit consultant?

There are a few general steps that you should follow when looking to hire a nonprofit consulting firm for any type of project:

Follow these steps to hire a nonprofit consulting firm for your next project or campaign.

  1. Review your needs. What do you need a consultant’s help to accomplish? What are your long-term goals for your consulting project? Clearly outlining these answers now will save time down the line and keep your team focused on the task at hand.
  2. Discuss the project with your board. Get your board’s approval to hire a consultant before moving forward. Depending on the scope of your project, this could be a significant investment, so it’s necessary to have all of your key decision-makers on the same page from the beginning.
  3. Set some concrete guidelines. Define a few specific parameters for your project, including a general budget, a start date, and a tentative timeline. Share them with your board and with potential consultants.
  4. Research top providers. Research some top consultants who provide the particular services you need. Check the internet and ask colleagues at other organizations for their recommendations. Once you’ve narrowed your choices to just a few potential partners, move forward.
  5. Create a request for proposal (RFP). An RFP is a document that thoroughly details your project, its purpose, your needs, and the guidelines you’ve already laid out.
  6. Review your candidates. Work with your team to compare and analyze your shortlist of candidates. Send frontrunners your RFP and offer to answer any additional questions that they may have.
  7. Review their proposals. Develop a basic scoring system for each key stakeholder to use when reviewing and ranking each proposal. Reach out to any candidates for additional context as needed.
  8. Weigh your options, and make your pick. You’ll then need to work out specifics and formally contract the consultant’s services.

Once you get started with the actual project itself, the steps that you and your nonprofit consultant take will vary depending on a number of factors. Our expertise is in tech, so check out our guide to nonprofit tech consulting for a walkthrough of an example project.

How much do nonprofit consultants charge?

The price of nonprofit consulting services varies greatly, depending on a number of factors. For one, the scope of your project and the length of time you’ll be working with the consultant can impact costs.  For example, a multi-month capital campaign planning project may be more expensive than a few-week event planning engagement.

Further, the complexity of your project and the consultant expertise needed may impact the cost. If you’re seeking assistance with a highly specific software solution for which few consultants are likely to be qualified, those services may come at a premium.

Speak candidly with any prospective consultant partners to develop a clear understanding of their fee structure. It’s important to understand what is, and what is not, included in the consultant’s pricing to ensure the partnership proceeds smoothly for both sides.

These are our picks for the top nonprofit consulting firms broken down by specialization.

Top Nonprofit Consulting Firms by Specialty

Now, we’ll list out a few top providers of nonprofit and social sector consulting services, broken out by specialty:

  1. DNL OmniMedia – Full-Service Tech & Strategy Consulting
  2. Kwala – Nonprofit Graphic Design
  3. RealHR Solutions – Human Resources
  4. Aly Sterling Philanthropy – Capital Campaign Support
  5. Zobrio – Financial & Accounting Support
  6. Meyer Partners – Multichannel Marketing
  7. Astron Solutions – Employee Compensation
  8. Getting Attention – Google Grants
  9. GivingMail – Direct Mail Design
  10. Bristol Strategy Group – Strategic Planning & Board Development
  11. PaperSave – Workflow Optimization
  12. Averill Fundraising Solutions – Annual Fund Strategy
  13. Brian Lacy & Associates – Nonprofit Marketing Support
  14. ScienceSoft – Large-Scale Cybersecurity
  15. Carol Weisman – Planned Giving Strategy
  16. Marc Pitman – Executive Coaching & Board Development
  17. Donorly – Capacity Development for Growing Nonprofits
  18. LCK Consulting – Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy
  19. Janet Cobb Consulting – Strategic Planning for Small Nonprofits
  20. BWF – Annual Giving Strategy
  21. Greater Mission – Religious Organizations & Catholic Charities
  22. Harbor Compliance – Legal and Compliance Support
  23. Contributor Development Partnership – Public Media
  24. Frost on Fundraising – Speaker Training
  25. Marts & Lundy – Talent Development & Interim Leadership
  26. Advancement Resources – Managing Culture Change
  27. The Alford Group – Corporate Partnerships

Use the list above to jump to a specific provider as needed.

DNL OmniMedia is one of the top nonprofit consulting firms with full-service technology expertise.

DNL OmniMedia: Top Nonprofit Consulting Firm for Full-Service Tech & Strategy Consulting

Overview of this Nonprofit Consultant

At DNL OmniMedia, we offer a complete range of nonprofit technology, marketing, and analytics services, making us a full-service choice for organizations in all nonprofit verticals. We specialize in:

  • Nonprofit technology strategy development.
  • Software implementation, configuration, and custom integrations.
  • Blackbaud platforms, including Luminate Online, Blackbaud CRM, and Raiser’s Edge NXT.
  • Nonprofit web design and custom projects.
  • Complete support for large-scale data migrations.
  • Digital marketing strategy development and support.
  • Custom analytics and strategic planning projects.

With a focus on both the immediate importance of your nonprofit’s tech and its long-term ROI for your mission, we’ll optimize your toolkit to support your goals. Plus, as a certified Blackbaud Partner and Salesforce Cloud Alliance Partner, we can help ensure that your organization makes the most of its investments in these powerful platforms.

TeamDNL is an ideal nonprofit consultant for tech, strategy, and marketing projects.

Why They Stand Out

Few nonprofit technology consultants can offer as wide a range of services and support as DNL OmniMedia. Our expertise across all facets of nonprofit tech and digital strategy (plus our network of partners) gives us an edge on practically any project. Explore our past work for a few examples of our services in action.

And if you have any questions about your own organization’s upcoming projects or needs, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to help you or point you in the right direction.

Let’s Discuss Your Nonprofit’s Needs – Contact Team DNL

Kwala is a nonprofit consulting firm that specializes in graphic design.

Kwala: Top Nonprofit Consulting Firm for Graphic Design

Overview of this Nonprofit Consultant

Kwala is a graphic design firm that empowers mission-driven organizations to take charge of their marketing. Their goal is to provide professional yet cost-effective designs that make causes stand out. That way, nonprofits can focus on what matters most: pushing their missions forward.

When you turn to Kwala’s expert design services, some of their guarantees include:

  • A wide range of brand creatives, including everything from flyers to web graphics
  • Mission-driven expertise
  • Full ownership of the designs they create for your cause
  • Unlimited designs and revisions

Whether you need a new logo or in-depth infographics, Kwala’s a trusted firm in the mission-driven space.

Turn to Kwala's nonprofit consulting firm for professional graphic designs.

Why They Stand Out

Unlike many design firms, Kwala specializes in nonprofits. After years of experience in the social good sector, they understand the unique design elements that nonprofits need to stand out to supporters. Plus, they’re a subscription-based graphic design firm, meaning they’ll fulfill as many of your design requests as possible each month for a set price.


RealHR Solutions is a leading nonprofit consulting firm for HR services.

RealHR Solutions: Top Nonprofit Consulting Firm for Human Resources

Overview of this Nonprofit Consultant

RealHR Solutions is a leading consulting firm specializing in HR for nonprofits and for-profit companies. With a wide range of offerings and a proven track record, RealHR can support your nonprofit at any stage of its growth, from initial HR set-up to long-term strategy. Their top services include:

  • HR audits and assessments.
  • Employee surveys and workplace investigations.
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives and support.
  • Recruitment strategy and executive search.
  • Staff, management, and executive-level coaching and training in a variety of areas.
  • Organization strategy and development.

Plus, RealHR Solutions can work with your nonprofit in a variety of capacities, including advisory support, outsourced business partner support, or project-based support.

RealHR Solutions' team of nonprofit consultants can handle any HR need.

Why They Stand Out

RealHR Solutions not only has years of experience working with nonprofits but also offers an unrivaled level of flexibility. Whatever your organization’s HR needs, this team can meet them with customized, expert support on a short-term or long-term basis.


Aly Sterling Philanthropy is a top nonprofit consulting firm for capital campaign strategy.

Aly Sterling Philanthropy: Top Nonprofit Consulting Firm for Capital Campaign Support

Overview of this Nonprofit Consultant

Aly Sterling Philanthropy, headed by fundraising expert Aly Sterling, specializes in supporting larger organizations to develop and execute perfect capital campaigns. These major multi-year initiatives are transformative for nonprofits serious about increasing their impact and scaling up their operations. Aly Sterling Philanthropy offers:

  • Fundraising solutions and strategy development, especially for capital campaigns.
  • Feasibility studies for major campaigns.
  • General nonprofit strategic planning.
  • Board management and optimization support.

When it comes to fundraising strategy, Aly Sterling Philanthropy might be the perfect partner for your larger organization.

Aly Sterling Philanthropy is a top nonprofit consultant for fundraising support around any major campaign.

Why They Stand Out

Aly Sterling Philanthropy has a proven track record of success working with nonprofits to grow their capacity and scale up their operations. Their approach centers around engagement – both of your donors and your organization’s leaders – and sustainability, leading to lasting growth that will carry your nonprofit forward for years to come.

Explore Aly Sterling Philanthropy

Zobrio is a top consulting firm and provider for nonprofit accounting tools and services.

Zobrio: Top Nonprofit Consulting Firm for Financial & Accounting Support

Overview of this Nonprofit Consultant

Zobrio is a leading nonprofit consulting firm focused on all things accounting, finance, and financial IT support. As a certified Blackbaud Partner, they truly understand the nonprofit sector inside and out. Working with both their own customizable products and all the leading financial platforms, they’re the expert to look for. Their core services include:

  • Complete start-to-finish technical support for leading fund accounting platforms, including Financial Edge and Abila MIP, for setup, configuration, integrations, and migration.
  • Customizable add-ons, like cash management and billing modules.
  • IT and managed services for 24/7 support.

If you’ve invested in professional-grade fund accounting tools for your nonprofit, you have to safeguard that investment. Working with an expert like Zobrio is the way to go.

Their expertise with nonprofit specific tools makes Zobrio a top nonprofit financial consultant.

Why They Stand Out

Your finances are one area of your operations where you definitely don’t want to leave things up to chance. The experts at Zobrio have the experience and the know-how to support any one-time or ongoing projects that arise around your financial and accounting tools.

Explore Zobrio

Meyer Partners is the top nonprofit consulting firm for direct mail & marketing.

Meyer Partners: Top Nonprofit Consulting Firm for Multichannel Marketing

Overview of this Nonprofit Consultant

Meyer Partners is a full-service nonprofit marketing agency that can handle all of your nonprofit’s communications needs. Meyer Partners is particularly adept at helping organizations craft effective multichannel fundraising campaigns. Their specialties aren’t limited to fundraising appeals, though. Meyer Partners also provides:

  • Donor cultivation and upgrade campaigns.
  • Data analytics services, including donor file audits.
  • Landing page optimization.
  • Planned and legacy gift marketing strategies.

Meyer Partners’ focus on building relationships with donors through personalized communication shapes their whole strategy and better connects your organization with your supporters.

Explore Meyer Partners' services to see why they're a top nonprofit consultant.

Why They Stand Out

Compared to other nonprofit marketing agencies, Meyer Partners has a particularly wide range of expertise, as they support digital and analog communications (and they even do disaster response appeals!). See if Meyer Partners can help you jumpstart your next fundraising endeavor.


Astron Solutions is the top nonprofit consulting firm for HR and compensation strategy.

Astron Solutions: Top Nonprofit Consulting Firm for Employee Compensation

Overview of this Nonprofit Consultant

Astron Solutions specializes in compensation support and HR strategy development for nonprofit organizations. They understand that strong compensation structures are essential for building a scalable, sustainable organization that retains its talent and grows year over year. Their full range of services include:

  • Compensation strategy development and consulting, centering around a Total Rewards approach.
  • Custom compensation survey development and execution.
  • Web-based talent management toolkit through their custom platform, Flare.
  • Custom HR strategy development and support.
  • Finders Keepers support package tailored specifically for nonprofit employee retention.

Employee compensation is an often neglected part of nonprofits’ strategies, but it’s essential for growing your smaller organization into a mid-size or large one.

Explore Astron Solutions' services to see why they're a top nonprofit consultant.

Why They Stand Out

It can be difficult to find compensation experts with extensive experience in the unique nonprofit sector. Astron Solutions exclusively works with nonprofits and small businesses, so they understand the unique challenges of organizations that want to grow by investing in their own people.


Getting Attention is a top nonprofit consulting firm for Google Grants

Getting Attention: Top Nonprofit Consulting Firm for Google Grants

Overview of this Nonprofit Consultant

Getting Attention is a nonprofit consulting firm that specializes in Google Grant acquisition and management. The Google Grant program gives 501(c)(3) nonprofits up to $10,000 in search advertising, but with a few strings attached. Getting Attention’s expert grant managers understand how to make the most of your nonprofit’s ad spend while staying in compliance with Google’s regulations. Getting Attention’s services include:

  • Google Grant acquisition.
  • Creation, maintenance, and optimization of unlimited ad campaigns.
  • Data hygiene.
  • Nonprofit marketing services.

Getting Attention is a top choice for Google Ad Grants

Why They Stand Out

Getting Attention’s team can help you at every stage of your Google Grant journey, from determining eligibility to applying for the grant, managing it, and optimizing your campaigns. On top of that, they can help you with creating a holistic marketing strategy for your nonprofit, including branding and communications.

EXPLORE Getting Attention

GivingMail is one of our favorite nonprofit consulting firms.

GivingMail: Top Nonprofit Consulting Firm for Direct Mail Design

Overview of this Nonprofit Consultant

GivingMail is a nonprofit consulting firm that specializes in direct mail design for marketing materials and fundraising appeals. Through their web-to-print direct mail platform and dedicated design assistance, the GivingMail team is ready to help organizations like yours create and send the physical mailings they need.

Specifically, the GivingMail team offers the following key services:

  • Fundraising and communication packages
  • Customizable fundraising letter templates
  • Donor list rentals

If you’re looking to get the word out about your organization and gather support for your mission, GivingMail can be a great consulting partner because of their direct mail services.

GivingMail is one of our favorite nonprofit consulting firms.

Why They Stand Out

GivingMail stands out as a nonprofit consulting firm by offering an affordable and efficient alternative to handling your direct mail needs in-house. When you work with this team, you can actually save time and money that you would have otherwise spent purchasing paper, envelopes, inks, and stamps on your own.


Bristol Strategy Group: Top Consulting Firm for Strategic Planning & Board Development

Overview of this Nonprofit Consultant

Bristol Strategy Group provides comprehensive services to nonprofits, including developing solutions, managing marketing, and building relationships with technology companies in the nonprofit sector.

Bristol Strategy Group determines your nonprofit consulting needs with a tailored 3-step process so that they can provide the most targeted, relevant support. They offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Strategic planning to suit your organization’s needs.
  • Board development that meets and exceeds all industry standards.
  • Audits.
  • Prospect profiling.

Why They Stand Out

Bristol Strategy Group uses its unique SMART Way methodology, which is a set of 10 questions that identify gaps in your nonprofit’s fundraising strategy. Plus, the resources section on their website has a library full of information to help your nonprofit succeed.

EXPLORE Bristol Strategy Group

PaperSave is a top nonprofit consulting firm for workflow optimization.

PaperSave: Top Nonprofit Consulting Firm for Workflow Optimization

Overview of this Nonprofit Consultant

PaperSave understands that the day-to-day logistics of handling a growing nonprofit can quickly become distracting or inefficient when your team would rather be focusing on the mission at hand. Keeping overhead low today requires optimized electronic workflows, and PaperSave’s unique document management system and support can help you. Their full range of tools and services include:

  • Electronic document capture, tagging, and filing systems.
  • Streamlined invoice and data entry with their customizable workflow tools.
  • Streamlined gift tracking and management, easily integrated with leading nonprofit platforms like Raiser’s Edge NXT.
  • Simplified audit preparation and generation, ideal for grant management.

PaperSave’s unique sets of customizable tools and personal implementation and support can help take your operations to the next level by clearing the clutter.

Work with PaperSave to streamline how your nonprofit handles all its internal tasks.

Why They Stand Out

Every nonprofit worries about minimizing its overhead costs, but few consulting firms and tech providers have experience addressing that specific need. PaperSave has worked with nonprofits of all sizes to digitize and streamline their internal operations, saving them tons of time and money in the process.


Averill Fundraising Solutions is a top nonprofit consulting firm for annual fund strategy.

Averill Fundraising Solutions: Top Nonprofit Consulting Firm for Annual Fund Strategy

Overview of this Nonprofit Consultant

Averill Fundraising Solutions is a leading nonprofit consulting firm that specializes in one of the most challenging aspects of nonprofit work — annual fundraising. With a combined 75 years of experience, the Averill experts have raised over $3 trillion for their clients. That’s a proven track record in helping nonprofits build effective and sustainable annual fundraising strategies. Their full range of services include:

  • Annual fund direction and strategy development.
  • General campaign direction and planning.
  • Feasibility study design and execution for major campaigns.
  • Executive search and leadership learning programs.

Averill’s approach focuses on hands-on engagement and complete customization. They know that one-size-fits-all strategies simply won’t work, especially when it comes to annual fundraising.

The experts at Averill can help build an annual fund strategy for your nonprofit.

Why They Stand Out

Averill Fundraising Solutions has helped to build out effective fundraising strategies for nonprofits in a wide variety of sectors, including faith-based, health, human services, education, and associations. Their range of expertise is unmatched among similar nonprofit consulting firms.


Brian Lacy is a top nonprofit consultant for multimedia marketing support.

Brian Lacy & Associates: Top Nonprofit Consulting Firm for Nonprofit Marketing Support

Overview of this Nonprofit Consultant

Brian Lacy & Associates is a nonprofit consulting firm that specializes in an area of marketing that many organizations today are neglecting. Direct mail and phone calls continue to be extremely effective outlets for nonprofits promoting their campaigns but only if they’re handled with the right strategies in place. Brian Lacy has over 30 years of experience in helping nonprofits reach more donors through their marketing services, including:

  • Phone messaging strategy development and execution to directly reach more donors.
  • Unique marketing merchandise development to help your mission stand out.
  • E-magazine design and production to bolster your newsletter efforts.
  • Email appending to strengthen and refine your existing database.

With experience working with nonprofits in practically every sector, this consulting firm is the right partner for your organization if it’s time to update your direct marketing strategies.

Work with Brian Lacy nonprofit consulting firm to bolster your marketing.

Why They Stand Out

Plenty of tools and services exist to help nonprofits build professional-grade digital marketing strategies, but finding expert, personalized support for direct multimedia marketing like calls and mail is more challenging. As a leader in the space, Brian Lacy & Associates is a natural choice.


ScienceSoft is a leading nonprofit consulting firm for cybersecurity services.

ScienceSoft: Top Nonprofit Consulting Firm for Large-Scale Cybersecurity

Overview of this Nonprofit Consultant

ScienceSoft is a leading consulting firm that can handle any and all things cybersecurity. With more digital threats than ever, enterprise-level organizations must proactively and responsibly work to protect both their own data and that of their donors or members. With expertise in practically all areas of digital security, ScienceSoft is an excellent partner for large organizations looking for support. Their complete range of services includes:

  • Security assessment and planning: Custom consultations, infrastructure tests, and stress tests
  • Application security support: Full code reviews, web application security, and more
  • Network protection services: DDoS protection, firewall implementation, and email security reviews

This kind of advanced security technology is beyond the scope of most nonprofit organizations, even the largest and most flexible ones. When handling it in-house would be irresponsible by presenting an undue risk of jeopardizing your compliance, taking your questions to an expert is always the smarter choice.

ScienceSoft nonprofit consultants are experts at keeping your organization safe online.

Why They Stand Out

ScienceSoft stands out among similar cybersecurity consultants for its complete range of services. You can contract their support for one-time projects, managed services (like email or cloud security), or complete managed IT services for comprehensive protection. Their services are flexible and customizable to fit any unique context.


Carol Weisman is a leading nonprofit consultant for planned giving strategy.

Carol Weisman: Top Nonprofit Consultant for Planned Giving Strategy

Overview of this Nonprofit Consulting Firm

An expert in fundraising and board engagement strategies, nonprofit consultant Carol Weisman is a smart choice if your organization is specifically looking for support around developing a planned giving program. With an emphasis on relationship-building and adaptability, her guidance can help you outline an approach for generating sustainable revenue for years to come. Her full range of consulting services include:

  • Planned giving strategy development and execution.
  • Comprehensive fundraising strategy development and support.
  • Donor cultivation and solicitation coaching.
  • Extensive board governance services, including retreats and recruiting.

A one-stop-shop for mid-sized nonprofits looking for a personal guide to fundraising, Carol Weisman’s services are a convenient option.

Carol Weisman's nonprofit consulting services are a smart choice for any organization.

Why They Stand Out

It can be difficult for growing and mid-sized organizations to find tailored support for planned giving, a fundraising method very often reserved only for large organizations with the personnel to focus on it. Carol Weisman’s services can help organizations of all sizes develop professional-grade strategies to raise more.


Marc Pitman is one of the top nonprofit consultants to help develop and coach your board.

Marc Pitman: Top Nonprofit Consultant for Executive Coaching & Board Development

Overview of this Nonprofit Consulting Firm

Marc Pitman, a.k.a. The Fundraising Coach, is a well-known expert in the field of nonprofit consulting. One of his strongest specialties is executive coaching for nonprofit directors, board members, and development officers. His extensive background working with nonprofits and small businesses to hone their strategies can benefit your organization in a multitude of ways. His full range of nonprofit consulting services include:

  • Comprehensive and customized nonprofit fundraising training sessions.
  • Board governance training in a concise “Boards 101” format.
  • Custom executive training services for directors, board members, and development officers.
  • Thorough, custom support, including calls, emails, online courses, and more.

Sometimes, a more intensive, personalized approach is the perfect way to kickstart structural improvements in a nonprofit, and that’s exactly what Marc Pitman offers.

Marc Pitman is an expert nonprofit consultant in all things development and coaching.

Why They Stand Out

Many fundraising coaches and board developments tend to sell their own trademarked approach with very little personalization or flexibility worked in. Not Marc Pitman. His services are built entirely around helping your organization learn to “raise money your way,” not necessarily his way.


Donorly is a great nonprofit consulting firm for prospect research support.

Donorly: Top Nonprofit Consulting Firm for Capacity Development for Growing Nonprofits

Overview of this Nonprofit Consultant

Donorly is a unique nonprofit consulting firm that focuses on helping small to mid-sized organizations grow their fundraising capacities like pros. With targeted prospect research support, their expert team can help you identify the right donors for the right projects, saving you time and effort and giving your campaigns major boosts. Their full range of solutions and services includes:

  • Unique membership-style plans that include dedicated, professional prospect research hours.
  • Access to your own researcher to answer any and all questions.
  • Hourly campaign and prospecting advising.

This straightforward approach makes Donorly a standout among similar consulting firms that are typically better suited to major campaigns but not day-to-day prospect research efforts.

The nonprofit consultants at Donorly are experts at helping small orgs build capacity through prospecting.

Why They Stand Out

Donorly stands out because its membership-style approach to research and flexibility gives smaller organizations easier access to enterprise-grade prospecting tools. For organizations without the resources for in-house development staff, this can be a game-changer.


LCK Consulting is a top nonprofit consulting firm specialized in corporate social responsibility.

LCK Consulting: Top Nonprofit Consulting Firm for Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

Overview of this Nonprofit Consultant

LCK Consulting is a team of nonprofit consultants with expertise in helping organizations develop strategies to target an often underutilized opportunity — corporate social responsibility (CSR). As more businesses realize the value of giving back to their communities and the causes that their employees support, nonprofits stand to benefit considerably but only if they have actual strategies in place. LCK’s support services include:

  • CSR strategy development and implementation.
  • Marketing support for CSR strategies.
  • Board development, advising, and coaching.
  • Succession planning for executive changes.

Many nonprofits now understand the opportunities that CSR represents for their missions, but few have the resources to devote to developing complete strategies. Expert support from LCK can help.

LCK Consulting is a consulting firm for nonprofits.

Why They Stand Out

Effectively targeting corporate philanthropy programs requires dedicated strategy, tools, and relationship-building techniques. With little experience in the area, your team may struggle to find its footing or start benefiting as quickly as you’d like. Experts like LCK Consulting fill this vital niche for nonprofits that want to supercharge their strategies.


Janet Cobb is a nonprofit consultant or something.

Janet Cobb Consulting: Top Nonprofit Consulting Firm for Strategic Planning for Small Orgs

Overview of this Nonprofit Consultant

An all-in-one nonprofit expert, Janet Cobb can help your smaller organization get the footing it needs to continue growing sustainably. Her approach is more that of a coach than a full consultancy firm, giving her a more holistic and personable view of your nonprofit and the ideal solutions for your unique mission. Her full range of services includes:

  • Strategic planning for small nonprofits.
  • Communications strategy development.
  • Board retreats and executive coaching.
  • One-off or extended coaching engagements for one-on-one support around any fundraising challenge.

Small organizations have a hard enough time getting their first foothold in the fundraising world. Having a real, professional-grade strategic plan in place goes a very long way to help boost growth.

Janet Cobb really knows here stuff about strategic planning for nonprofits. Wow!

Why They Stand Out

Janet Cobb Consulting stands out because it offers smaller nonprofits with equally small budgets an effective option that’s properly scaled to their needs. No huge fees or one-size-fits-all solutions, just personalized support for building your nonprofit’s first strategic roadmap.


BWF is a top nonprofit consultant for annual giving.

BWF: Top Nonprofit Consulting Firm for Annual Giving Strategy

Overview of this Nonprofit Consultant

The experts at BWF help medium to large nonprofit organizations build strong fundraising programs to engage their support bases.

Nonprofits require a strong foundation and strategic planning to push their missions forward and fundraise effectively. BWF offers database analysis, prospect development, campaign strategizing, and more to help organizations thrive.

For colleges and universities, alumni relations and engagement are essential to secure long-term support. BWF helps these institutions create effective fundraising and marketing strategies and leverage advanced outreach techniques to better connect with their audiences.

BWF’s full range of services includes:

  • Strategic planning and campaign planning/support/management
  • Internal readiness
  • Workforce planning and talent management
  • Leadership development
  • Strategic communications
  • CRM analysis and conversion
  • Business intelligence and reporting
  • Business optimization
  • Prospect development
  • Data science and analytics
  • Digital marketing and fundraising
  • Corporate and foundation strategy and grant writing
  • Donor engagement
  • Marketing and communications

The consultants at BWF offer expertise in multiple areas, whether your nonprofit organization is a university, hospital, foundation, or other organization that relies on fundraising.

BWF is a top nonprofit consultant for annual giving.

Why They Stand Out

BWF stands out for its strong background in serving a wide range of organizations. Universities especially require a careful strategy to properly use their resources, so going with seasoned expertise is the right move. BWF has experience managing everything from nonprofit operations assessments to university campaigns with multi-billion-dollar goals.


Greater Mission is a top nonprofit consulting firm for religious organizations and Catholic charities.

Greater Mission: Top Nonprofit Consulting Firm for Religious Organizations and Catholic Charities

Overview of this Nonprofit Consultant

Greater Mission is a leading consulting firm known for its history of success in serving the Church and Catholic organizations. They’re passionate about sharing their unparalleled faith, experience, and focus in order to help organizations advance their missions and fulfill their potential. Some of their services include:

  • Strategic planning to optimally allocate time and resources.
  • Development audits for a comprehensive look at your organization’s fundraising experience.
  • Major gift fundraising and legacy giving.
  • Annual appeal and correspondence design that yield positive results.
  • Capital campaigns based on four primary phases.
  • Feasibility studies to help position campaigns for success.

Through these specialized services, Greater Mission works alongside clients to raise funds for growing facilities, ministries, and outcomes for God’s work. A consultant who’s backed by proven faith, commitment, and experience will prove invaluable to your discipleship and fundraising efforts.

Greater Mission is a top nonprofit consulting firm that specializes in religious organizations and Catholic charities.

Why They Stand Out

When it comes to inspiring faithful charity, you won’t find a consulting firm that’s more devoted than Greater Mission. Their team has more than 100 years of combined experience and has helped religious organizations raise more than $1 billion thanks to their expertise and faithfulness.

If your religious organization is looking for an expert consulting firm, don’t hesitate to reach out. Request a free 30-minute consultation with one of their expert leaders, and see how Greater Mission can empower your organization to inspire faith-filled giving.

EXPLORE Greater Mission

Harbor Compliance is a top nonprofit consulting firm for legal and compliance concerns.

Harbor Compliance: Top Nonprofit Consulting Firm for Legal and Compliance Support

Overview of this Nonprofit Consultant

Harbor Compliance is an expert nonprofit consulting firm focused on helping organizations effectively maintain all of the critical compliance issues that must be taken care of behind all the campaigns and events that might otherwise distract your team. Their complete range of nonprofit services include:

  • Fundraising compliance support and services, including filing registrations, exemptions, and disclosures.
  • Secretary of state filings for nonprofits expanding their reach.
  • Nonprofit formation for brand new organizations.
  • Tax registration and exemption support.

Don’t leave any of these concerns up to chance. Working with a team of experts will always be the better move.

Harbor Compliance is a leading nonprofit consultant for compliance.

Why They Stand Out

As an experienced and dedicated team of legal professionals, Harbor Compliance is a well-regarded player in the nonprofit compliance space. Compliance requirements should never be neglected since they directly affect your organization’s ability to function. As you grow, working with professionals is a smart way to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.


CDP is a top nonprofit consulting firm for public media.Contributor Development Partnership: Top Nonprofit Consulting Firm for Public Media Stations

Overview of this Nonprofit Consultant

Contributor Development Partnership is a nonprofit consulting partner that specializes in a specific subset of nonprofits, public media stations. It’s technically a public benefit corporation that conducts collaborative fundraising efforts on behalf of 230+ public radio and television stations among other services.

CDP’s range of services include:

  • Fundraising tactics, such as canvassing, direct marketing, direct texting, planned giving, and major gift fundraising.
  • CRM management, specifically specializing in Salesforce solutions.
  • Reporting and analysis through the Revenue Opportunity and Action Report (ROAR).

At the heart of CDP’s services is a collaborative mentality, which works well in the membership-based fundraising that’s often used to raise funds for public media.

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Why They Stand Out

Fundraising for public radio and television stations is significantly different than doing so for other types of nonprofit organizations. These stations rely on a hyper-local, membership-based audience, and CDP understands that. For public radio and television organizations, CDP is an industry expert that can be trusted to elevate their efforts.


Frost on Fundraising is a top nonprofit consulting firm for public speaking.Frost on Fundraising: Top Nonprofit Consulting Firm for Speaking

Overview of this Nonprofit Consultant

Frost on Fundraising encompasses the work of Jay Frost, a leading voice in the world of nonprofit consulting for over three decades. He specializes in public speaking, having spoken at hundreds of meetings himself in the U.S., U.K., Middle East, and beyond. While he does offer capital campaign counsel and strategizing, he’s best known for his speaking.

Frost on Fundraising’s speaking services include:

  • Keynotes and plenaries that inspire your audience.
  • Breakout session and workshop facilitation.
  • Board retreats.
  • Panel discussion and interview facilitation.

For organizations seeking a nonprofit consulting professional that can motivate and inspire their staff or board members, Frost on Fundraising is a great option.

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Why They Stand Out

Jay Frost has decades of experience speaking to nonprofit audiences and elevating teams to new heights. Plus, his speaking services are fully tailored to the nonprofit he is working with so, rather than purchasing a generic session heard by hundreds of nonprofits before you, you’ll be purchasing a session that’s tailored precisely to the needs and goals of your team.


Marts & Lundy is a top nonprofit consulting firm for talent development.Marts & Lundy: Top Nonprofit Consulting Firm for Talent Development

Overview of this Nonprofit Consultant

Marts & Lundy is a firm that has been consulting with nonprofit organizations for nearly 100 years, and that experience is one of many reasons that large organizations partner with them. The firm prioritizes a collaborative approach, in which their team helps nonprofits build the capacity needed to reach their greatest goals.

In the realm of talent development and capacity-building, Marts & Lundy offers the following services:

  • Customized talent development programs
  • One-time and ongoing training and coaching sessions
  • Executive coaching packages for everyone from emerging talent to senior leadership

This firm’s goal is to leave nonprofits stronger than they found them when they began working together.

This is a screenshot from the Marts & Lundy website.

Why They Stand Out

Marts & Lundy has the years of experience needed to recognize and foster top talent in nonprofit professionals. The goal of any consulting partnership isn’t to work together indefinitely, but to find a resolution to your nonprofit’s roadblocks. With Marts & Lundy’s services, you gain a sustainable solution (a well-trained team member) to elevate your team.


Advancement Resources is a top nonprofit consulting firm for managing culture change.Advancement Resources: Top Nonprofit Consulting Firm for Managing Culture Change

Overview of this Nonprofit Consultant

Advancement Resources was formed out of Differentiation Strategies, Incorporated, a company that originally focused on sales training for Fortune 500 companies. This formation gave the organization a unique, research-based and academic approach to nonprofit consulting.

This firm’s change management services are:

  • Customized for each individual nonprofit and its unique needs.
  • Built using both qualitative and quantitative assessments.
  • Structured using adult learning and psychology best practices.
  • Able to address multiple audiences both internally and externally.

These services are built upon the foundation of over two decades of research on nonprofit culture building.

This is a screenshot of the Advancement Resources website.

Why They Stand Out

Successful philanthropy takes a teamnonprofits need the enthusiastic buy-in from staff members, board members, and constituents to make a true impact on their missions. However, that can be hard to secure when your organization is undergoing a significant culture change. Advancement Resources understands this and can help position your team for success.


The Alford Group is a top nonprofit consulting firm for corporate partnerships.The Alford Group: Top Nonprofit Consulting Firm for Corporate Partnerships

Overview of this Nonprofit Consultant

The Alford Group is a nonprofit consulting firm that offers a wide variety of services, from strategic planning and fundraising to leadership development and interim staffing. However, what’s most interesting about this firm is that it works with both nonprofits and corporations to build philanthropic corporate partnerships.

The Alford Group’s corporate partnership strategy services include:

  • The development of corporate giving programs and foundations.
  • Strategic philanthropy planning and reputation management.
  • Employee volunteerism strategy to get employees engaged in philanthropy.
  • Corporate fundraising, both for internal corporate fundraising and nonprofits seeking corporate donations.

Whether you’re a nonprofit seeking a corporate partnership or a corporation looking to give back, The Alford Group can assist.

This is a screenshot of The Alford Group's website.

Why They Stand Out

Few nonprofit fundraising consultants work directly with both sides of the corporate philanthropy coin. The Alford Group has a unique perspective on the world of corporate philanthropy and can help your nonprofit forge valuable corporate connections that make an impact.


Follow these next steps to get started researching top nonprofit consulting firms for your organization.

Next Steps to Get Started

Working with nonprofit consulting firms to develop strategies, build out your toolkit, fill vital gaps in your operations, or just generally support your projects can be a game-changer for your organization. Getting a nonprofit off the ground and then successfully scaling up your work and expanding your mission is hard work, so experts who’ve done it before can be invaluable partners in the process.

If you’re ready to begin your research and potentially reach out to candidates, check out the first section of this guide again, focusing on the steps for hiring a nonprofit consultant. For other questions, especially about nonprofit technology, strategy, and marketing projects (and what to expect from working with a consultant on those projects), don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to help you get started and better understand the process.

In the meantime, continue your research with a few additional resources:

Reach out to DNL OmniMedia with any questions about nonprofit consulting and what it's like to work with a consulting firm.

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