Top 8 (Tested) Technology Solutions for Nonprofits

By now, you're well aware that technology is a crucial piece of any nonprofit's operations. From streamlining day-to-day projects to centralizing expansive fundraising campaigns and multifaceted donor stewardship strategies, your nonprofit technology solution can make or break your efforts. 

Because software is so vital, there are an almost endless number of technology solutions for your nonprofit to sort through as you design an overarching technology strategy that addresses all of your many needs.

3 Ways Technology Can Benefit Your Fundraising Strategy

The technology wave is here to stay, that's for certain. Many nonprofits have jumped on board to use new, innovative platforms to improve their fundraising strategies.

Online fundraising opens another stream of revenue for your organization to connect with you donors—and the better you know your donors, the more successful your fundraising strategy will be.

Check out the 3 ways technology can benefit your fundraising strategy:

6 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Use of Luminate Online

As with most things, you may find that there never seems to be enough time to do everything you would like to within your Luminate Online™ instance. But, if you’re strategic about where you focus your time, and know some of the ways to optimize your database, you can get the most from your resources.


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