DNL Nonprofit Fundraising Products for Blackbaud Luminate

DNL is proud to offer products to help promote Social Good. Below you will find products that work within Blackbaud's Luminate product suite. 

TakeAction! Advocacy and Peer-to-Peer Fundraising App

DNL is proud to offer a customizable app, called Take Action! to help support your organization's advocacy and peer to peer fundraising efforts! The app is available for iOS and Android mobile devices. You can download our Sample App to demo the different modules that are available.


What does the app do?

  • Advocacy Alerts 

    An Advocacy Alert feed is populated in the App so your supporters can stay up to date on important messaging you are you communicating to public officials and custom targets.
  • Account / Profile 

    The profile enables users to manage their contact information and email subscriptions easily. When saved, the information is updated in Luminate Online.
  • Peer to Peer Fundraising Events

    The Event Feed displays future TeamRaiser events, as well as past events that the fundraiser has participated. Event participants can track their fundraising progress for active events and send messages to their mobile contacts to encourage support.
  • Surveys

    Looking for feedback from your App users or want to target them with a poll? Create a survey and have it featured within the App. Once completed, the survey will no longer show up for the constituent.
  • My Support

    The My Support module displays your donor's donation history and ongoing recurring donations. Recurring donations can be edited and saved via the App to modify Gift Amount and Next Payment Date.

Flexible Customization

The TakeAction! App was developed with your organization in mind. The App can be branded to match the look and feel of your website! Color scheme, fonts, and your organization's logo can be added to bolster brand recognition in order to make actions in the Social Good space easier for your constituents. 

Each module is configured based on your organization's business model and only the modules you need will be implemented. 

What do I need in order to get the App? 

Besides a worthy mission, Blackbaud's Luminate Online is required in order for Team DNL to implement and brand the App for your organization. Team DNL will review your Luminate instance and develop an implementation plan tailored to your organization. We can have your organization up and running in the Android Marketplace and iOS App Store quickly. 

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Custom TeamRaiser Participant Center

DNL OmniMedia extends TeamRaiser's Participant Center with many enhancements to responsiveness and theming, making the Participant Center more useful, consistent and compelling.

Made for Mobile

Participant Center pages are now responsive to any device. Mobile users have an interface customized for easy use while on the go: Cleaner page layouts include mobile friendly user interface elements with larger tap-able buttons, mobile menus, and content designed to fit within the mobile phone viewport.

Easy user interface and branding

Participant Center pages can now be easily customized to match any organization’s website look & feel or brand standards. Fundraisers can easily add in their own organization logos, headers, and footers allowing a Participant Center to blend seamlessly with other organization websites. New color sets open design possibilities. Fully customizable colors within the Participant Center's interface allows each center to have its own unique character and feel. The colors of nearly every component within the Participant Center—from buttons to modal windows to progress bars—can be independently customized.

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Custom Luminate Online Member Center

This DNL custom solution offers complete customization of the look and feel of the users' account management pages, while still maintaining performance optimizations and improving the ease of use.

DNL Custom Features:

  1. View and manage ongoing Recurring Gifts:
    a. Edit gift amount and next gift date
    b. Edit billing information for each gift
  2. View and edit Profile Information
    a. Name, phone numbers, addresses, username, password
  3. Manage Email / Web Interests
    a. Opt in or out of Email (newsletters) & Web Interests (content categories)
  4. TeamRaiser
    a. View all current TeamRaiser Events
    b. Provide links to the fundraiser’s Participant Center, Event Fundraising Homepage, Personal Page, Team Page and Event Management Center (where applicable)
  5. Transactions
    a. View all the donor’s transaction history (One-time Donations, Recurring Donations, eCommerce Purchases, Ticketed Events, and TeamRaiser Registrations) 
    b. Ability to filter the history by transaction year
  6. Advocacy
    a. View all available Advocacy Actions
    b. Split into two categories: Advocacy actions taken and not taken yet.

Beyond these features, we also need to highlight the fact that the Member Center is extremely customizable. Everything can be changed (from functionality to style to user flow and navigation). Any features that Blackbaud provides that aren’t currently in the Member Center can be added on. It is extremely flexible.  

Blackbaud Standard Features: 

  1. View and edit personal details (very little control over how it works without extreme Javascript intervention).
  2. View transaction information summary (last transaction, date, lifetime giving, number of lifetime transactions, external first gift and external last gift)
  3. Membership information (status, member since, member ID, renewal date, membership type (with ability to edit), and expiration date of membership)
  4. Sustained giving info (status, monthly amount, start date, end date, card expiration date, last payment attempt failure code, intervals since last successful payment, gift plans eligible for processing)
  5. Management of Custom Profile Fields
  6. Email / Web Interests
    a. Similar to our member center (but with less flexibility as how it works, looks, etc.)
  7. Service Center for Sustained Giving
    a. View gift summaries for gifts including canceled gifts
    b. View gift information for all gifts including canceled gifts
    c. Modify gift date, gift amount, and billing information

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