3 Ways Technology Can Benefit Your Fundraising Strategy

The technology wave is here to stay, that's for certain. Many nonprofits have jumped on board to use new, innovative platforms to improve their fundraising strategies.

Online fundraising opens another stream of revenue for your organization to connect with you donors—and the better you know your donors, the more successful your fundraising strategy will be.

Check out the 3 ways technology can benefit your fundraising strategy:

6 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Use of Luminate Online

As with most things, you may find that there never seems to be enough time to do everything you would like to within your Luminate Online™ instance. But, if you’re strategic about where you focus your time, and know some of the ways to optimize your database, you can get the most from your resources.

Top Nonprofit Websites to Inspire Your Organization

These top nonprofit websites can provide inspiration for your organization as you dive into web design.

Nonprofits need to keep their websites fresh and functional in order to promote as much supporter engagement as possible online and off. 

To capture the attention of supporters and secure donations for your cause, there are a few tried-and-true nonprofit web development strategies your team can implement, including:

Top 5 Nonprofit Website Builders to Power Your Web Design

Check out the top nonprofit website builders for powerful web design, including our favorites, WordPress and Drupal.

Your nonprofit's website is the hub of all things related to your organization. From conveying your mission to securing donations, your nonprofit website serves a variety of purposes, and strategic design can help facilitate all of them.

Blackbaud CRM: 5 Essentials to Know Before Implementation

Download our detailed guide to Blackbaud CRM and take a free PDF on the go.

Top Raiser’s Edge Training Resources for Nonprofits

These Raiser's Edge training resources can be invaluable as you jump start your Raiser's Edge implementation.

Download our detailed guide to Raiser's Edge training resources.

Top Blackbaud Training Resources to Enhance Your Software

These Blackbaud training resources can help your team become confident on your new Blackbaud software.

Download our detailed Blackbaud training resources and take a free PDF on the go.

Raiser’s Edge: The Smart Nonprofit’s Before-You-Buy Guide

Before you purchase Raiser's Edge, make sure you know exactly what this product can do and how to implement it most effectively.

Download our detailed guide to Raiser's Edge training resources.

How Volunteer Data Can Foster New Donor Relationships

How your nonprofit handles volunteer data can have a tremendous impact on your organization's ability to attract new donors.

Salesforce Event Management Integrations—Rated and Reviewed!

We review 3 Salesforce event apps to see how the Eventbrite Salesforce integration, Cvent Salesforce integration, and Fonteva Events platform measure up.

For organizations using Salesforce, there are a number of ways to manage the event planning process. 

While you can always choose an external event management platform to handle logistics, guests, and event reports, it's likely that you'll want to integrate your event planning software with your Salesforce system for the most cohesive experience.


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