North Shore Animal League America (NSALA) is the largest no-kill shelter in the country. The organization utilizes various web tools to raise money to support their shelter and adoption programs. NSALA works with partner organizations to educate community about their mission and benefits of pet ownership.

Project Goals


  • Create a custom landing page that serves as an index for all categories of TeamRaiser fundraising events.
  • Allow users to create a personal fundraising pages for special events. Instead of getting gifts for personal events such as birthdays, weddings, and graduations users can request that instead all gift money be donated to an organization via a customized fundraising page.
  • Configure and apply custom designs to organization fundraising events, such as marathons and walks.
  • Create virtual events with virtual teams.
  • Build a custom participant center interface and let users view their progress on social media.
  • Create a custom registration process to feed registrants into TeamRaiser from third-party systems.

Donation Forms

  • Create custom donation forms which mirror North Shore’s latest design direction and work well across all browsers.
  • Update e-card functionality to render high fidelity images.
  • Configure donation forms to be used to sell dedication plaques that will be placed in the new adoption center.
  • Configure donation forms to be used as small product catalog, allowing users to purchase gifts.

Project Outcome


The biggest challenge was to ensure that the end-user was unaware that they were switching between different Blackbaud products. Another key component of the development was to ensure that North Shore can customize the pages and components at will. Animal League staff wanted to be able to easily change event color scheme, images, icons, and the registration form.

The end results of our engagement are:

  • Animal League supporters now enjoy an easy to navigate fundraising experience without being aware that multiple software solutions are in use
  • The website’s fundraising landing page contains an easy to understand list of fundraising opportunities
  • Each fundraising opportunity’s landing page in WordPress seamlessly connects with Luminate pages
  • Each fundraising TeamRaiser event is branded with custom colors that is carried through Luminate Online donation forms, TeamRaiser pages, and participant center pages

Donation Forms

DNL worked with North Shore Animal League to assess user engagement on their website and as a result the following results were achieved:

  • All donation forms have new styling that matches the responsive website design
  • Donation forms have been configured to accept ApplePay payment method
  • Donation forms contain high resolution e-card images giving users aesthetically pleasing experience
  • The donation form has been extended to allow for sales of dedicated plaques
  • The donation form has been extended to allow for sales of holiday gifts
  • Increased revenue from donation and peer-to-peer fundraising




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