North Shore Animal League

Donation Forms

Project Description:

The client’s goal was to create custom donation forms which went beyond a basic form’s traditional look and feel--to reflect the latest design direction as well as work well in modern browsers and on mobile devices. The forms also serve as a modular platform on which new forms can be based. This basis provides: a flexible layout--accommodating different browsers and screen sizes, custom designed calls to action and gift amounts, a layout to accommodate additional visuals, and the ability to dynamically display content based on time of year and type of visitor.

Sample Form Pages:

Custom Development for this Project:

  • Dynamic modification of default Luminate markup and styling.
  • Customized content display—such as a promotional video--based on date & time and for certain audiences (first-time visitors).

The challenge was to update a default form layout without the need for invasive back-end development. This way, UI changes and form behavior can easily be customized maintained on the front-end with well-known, commodity tools such as Javascript and the Jquery library. (Screenshots below.)


What is TeamRaiser and what does it do?

TeamRaiser is a product within Luminate Online that allows participants to recruit and fundraise on behalf of your organization. Each TeamRaiser s a Peer to Peer fundraising event such as a walk, run or ride where your constituents can customize a fundraising website to serve as a hub for the fundraiser.

Project Description:

The goal was to create a custom Landing page that serves as an index for all categories of TeamRaiser fundraising events.  Potential users can use the index to choose a TeamRaiser event of their choosing. TeamRaisers are used to raise funds for large-scale events, such as marathons, or small events such as wedding, graduation or birthday events. In lieu of gifts, donations can be made to the organization.  You can view a live sample of this fundraising index page here:

Default TeamRaiser Components:

  • Participant Center with tools to help measure progress and increase fundraising
  • Coaching emails and autoresponders offer automated segmentation of event participants
  • Personalized fundraising pages, allowing participants to motivate their donors with dynamic fundraising visuals
  • Email tools to help participants reach out to personal contacts
  • Manage custom content on event fundraising websites and create personalized constituent experiences
  • Multi-affiliate management options
  • Detailed reports at event, program, team, and/or individual performance levels across key metrics
  • Additional online engagement opportunities are available through Luminate Online

Participant Tools:

  • Register and login using services like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and Yahoo!
  • Share progress, send appeals, share your story via social networks
  • View the "competition" with top fundraiser and team lists, fundraising milestones, and achievement badges
  • Enable Team Captains to support their teams through custom recruiting messages and special permissions within the event

Technical Flexibility:

  • Use the free Open APIs to push the boundaries of traditional events
  • Create virtual events, with virtual teams
  • Create mobile applications for iPhone or Android
  • Build a custom participant center interface and let users view their progress on social media (Facebook)
  • Create a custom registration process to feed registrants into TeamRaiser from 3rd party systems

Custom Development for this Project:

The biggest challenge was to ensure that the end user was unaware that they were switching between different Blackbaud products (LO and CMS). This meant that we needed to recreate certain components on one side that were unavailable on the other such as the “Find a Fundraiser” sidebar widget.

Another key component to the development was to ensure that North Shore can customize the pages and components at will. They can feature a specific event on the index page, choose which fundraisers to display if the fundraiser uses an actual TeamRaiser event or just a signup form, which icons to use for each event and more. All this is controlled in the backend of the CMS.
Lastly, North Shore has specific branded colors for each type of fundraiser and wanted these incorporated throughout the TeamRaiser experience. By allowing North Shore to choose from a predefined set of event types on the CMS and LO side, we enabled them to customize each event’s color scheme.

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