The National Partnership for Women & Families’ mission is to improve the lives of women and families by achieving equality for all women.

Project Goals

  • Create the organization’s main site in Blackbaud Luminate CMS® (LCMS)
  • Create a matching theme in Luminate Online so donors are not aware when they transition between LCMS and the fundraising application
  • Create a number of microsites in LCMS with targeted missions and audiences
  • Enable content sync between the sites so the blog posts are published only once and are syndicated to the microsites
  • Improve long-term sustaining revenue by converting more donors into monthly donors
  • Build a custom application that would allow users to reach out to their elected officials via Twitter

Project Outcome


  • The main site was implemented in Luminate CMS and after a number of years the design has been updated
  • The Luminate Online design was updated to match the design of the main site
  • Working together with the client we created a number of Luminate CMS websites for their initiatives
  • Each website has customized branding, design, and styles
  • All sites were created to be responsive and adjust properly to various screen resolutions
  • Each site’s administrative side has been customized to allow authors to easily enter and modify content
  • The sites were configured to automatically pull in blog post from the main site; this allows the authors to create the content only once

Donation Forms

  • Donation forms were styled to have the look and feel of the main site
  • Donation forms are responsive and easy to use at all resolutions
  • A suggested upgrade to a monthly donation was added to the donation forms, increasing long-term revenue for the organization

Custom Advocacy Tool

  • A custom web application was built using the Vue.js JavaScript library to enable users to contact their elected representatives via Twitter
  • The web application uses Google Map APIs to find elected officials based on the zip code or address
  • The web application uses Google Civic Information APIs to pull in legislative data for elected officials
  • The web application was created in Luminate CMS allowing authors to easily create new campaigns
  • Administrators can create campaigns with suggested Twitter messages and talking points for each issue
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