The National Partnership for Women & Families’ mission is to improve the lives of women and families by achieving equality for all women.

Project Goals


  • Create the organization’s main site in Blackbaud Luminate CMS® (LCMS).
  • Create a number of microsites in LCMS with targeted missions and audiences.

Donation Forms

  • Create a matching theme in Luminate Online so donors are not aware when they transition between LCMS and the fundraising application.

Advocacy Tools

  • Create a matching theme in Luminate Online so advocates are not aware when they transition between LCMS and the advocacy application.
  • Build a custom application that would allow users to reach out to their elected officials via Twitter.

Project Methodology


The website project was executed in stages:

  1. The primary website was deployed and content populated.
  2. Microsites were developed and deployed one at a time.
  3. Utilizing Luminate CMS features, we were able to integrate blog posts from the main website into some of their microsites where relevant.

Audience Types
National Partnership for Women & Families’ primary website attracts three different types of site visitors:

  1. Staff – A large amount of site traffic is from NPWF staff.
  2. Resource Visitors – Anyone who is looking for downloadable resources, blog posts, press statements, and more.
  3. Donors & Advocates – Those contributing to the NPWF mission through financial donations and advocates contacting legislative bodies to enact change.

Custom Tweet Advocacy Tool

We chose to create a custom advocacy tool using the Vue.js JavaScript library. This library provided a flexible framework that allowed us to connect to multiple API endpoints and render results dynamically.

Project Outcome

DNL OmniMedia successfully launched several websites for the National Partnership for Women & Families. Additionally, the need for specialized advocacy efforts led to our team creating a custom advocacy tool.



  • Working together with the client we created a number of Luminate CMS websites for their initiatives.
  • Each website has customized branding, design, and styles.
  • All sites were created to be responsive and adjust properly to various screen resolutions.
  • Each site’s administrative side has been customized to allow authors to easily enter and modify content.
  • The sites were configured to automatically pull in blog post from the main site. This allows the authors to create the content only once.

Donation Forms

  • Donation forms were styled to have the look and feel of the main site.
  • Donation forms are responsive and easy to use at all resolutions.

Custom Tweet Advocacy Tool

The dynamic web application allows users to contact their elected officials using administrator-created target campaigns and suggested Twitter messages or talking points. It utilizes open source APIs to determine the constituents’ elected officials based on their zip code or address.

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