Founded in 1928, Interlochen Center for the Arts (ICA) provides world-class educational and cultural opportunities in the northern Michigan region. Guided by outstanding faculty and guest artists students study music, theater, visual arts, film, creative writing, and dance on Interlochen’s campus.

Project Goals

Fundraising Campaign Website

Interlochen was preparing to kick-off Create Amazing – their $175 million capital campaign, the largest campaign effort in Interlochen history. The goals for the project were to:

  • Create a custom website to allow staff to edit and maintain it in order to promote the campaign.
  • Secure ongoing financial stability for the campaign.
  • Show campaign progress on the website.
  • Include messaging from school leaders on the website.
  • Utilize the public-facing campaign to raise awareness.
  • Tell different stories to represent different donor types.
  • Integrate the website with Salesforce to display accurate campaign progress on the site.
  • Illustrate supporter stories, what they gave, how they were connected, and the impact of their gift.

Donation Forms

  • Update the design of the main donation form for ease of use.
  • Create a multistep forms that have the ability to add together donations attributeed to different campaign efforts.

Project Outcome

Since the launch of Create Amazing in July of 2016, DNL has maintained the relationship with ICA and has developed various custom report integrations that drive animated supporter feeds. Team DNL created multistep donation forms, worked on analytics, and created custom crowdfunding pages.

Fundraising Campaign Website

  • A custom website was built in WordPress, an open source platform to minimize long-term maintenance costs.
  • Custom content types were built withing the sites, enabling internal staff to easily manage content.
  • Tint was used to bring live content into the social feed on the site and to add a black and white photo filter to all images.
  • DNL created two supporter data feeds that were pulling data from Salesforce reports.
    • One feed powered an animated thermometer to show the supporter count.
    • The other showcased donors and their gift amount. The report showed only gifts that donors chose to display it and names of donors who chose not to remain anonymous.
  • The Salesforce report that powered the feed were integrated through Blackbaud Luminate CRM® (LCRM).
  • The website was launched on time and used to drive online donations.
  • The website has helped ICA exceed its capital campaign goal.

Create Amazing Donation Form

  • Team DNL carried through the black and white theme of the Create Amazing website to the donation form.
  • The form allows donors to contribute to multiple funds – the annual fund, public radio fund, dance center fund, and the music building fund. Donations to each fund are added together and processed as one transaction.
  • We have configured the donation form to allow users to repeat their gifts monthly.
  • The donation form was broken up into small steps, focusing users’ attention on only a handful of fields at a time.
  • To accommodate all requirements we build the donation form with JavaScript, which allowed it to be placed in the WordPress website.
  • All donations are processed through the Luminate Online platform, thanks to the API technologies.

Primary and Public Radio Donation Forms

  • Team DNL created a custom wrapper for the main donation form in Luminate Online.
  • The form seamlessly integrates with the main site.
  • The donation ofrm offers donors the option to donate to Interlochen Annual Fund or Interlochen Public Radio on the same form.
  • Users can enter unique donation amounts in each fund field and the form adds the donations together for an easy checkout.
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