Interlochen Center for the Arts

Donation Forms

Interlochen Center for the Arts (ICA) was in need of new donation form wrappers for their primary donation form, and for Interlochen Public Radio. ICA uses Blackbaud's Luminate Online marketing solution.

Team DNL provided custom development services to deliver the new donation form wrappers.

Custom Functionality:

  • The forms were responsively developed for optimized usability on mobile devices and tablets
  • Utilized a multi-page development approach to easily lead donors through the donation process
  • The forms were styled to cohesively match ICA's brand standards
  • Custom Luminate Online wrapper code was written based on the existing Drupal website theme
  • Custom scripts were created for a left column editable content area 



The Create Amazing Campaign is the largest capital campaign effort in Interlochen's history. The $175 million campaign website project was awarded to Team DNL in December of 2015, with a launch date set for July of 2016. 

Website Goals:

  • Secure on-going financial stability for the campaign
  • Show campaign progress
  • Include messaging from school leaders
  • Utilize the public facing campaign launch to raise awareness
  • Represent diversity among the donors when representing this group on the website  
    • Tell different stories to represent different donor types
    • Tell/show the story of what they gave, how they are connected and the impact

The development was completely custom based on the WordPress platform. Custom content types were built enabling ICA staff to manage custom aspects of the site. The design was provided by ICA, and we worked together to identify each moving part to finalize the functionality. 

Custom Development: 

  • Full-width responsive development - The site was designed and developed to maximize the view of the site on each browser type, and each desktop size, mobile device, and tablet view. This varies from normal responsive development because there is no observed whitespace, the website spans the full width of your screen no matter the size. 
  • Custom Animation - On page scroll, the site moves content blocks into place, this movement was tediously documented from the wireframe phase through development.
  • Custom Post Types (CPT's) - CPT's were used to manage content, making is easier for ICA website administrators to navigate the content in the back-end and update it. 
  • Pods  - Pods were used to allow for similar content to be used in multiple places on the site, yet be managed from one location.
  • Salesforce Integration - In order to see live campaign progress we integrated the site to use an active Salesforce report to automatically populate supporters, and show campaign progress.
  • Social Integration - Tint was used to bring live content into the social feed on the site using a custom set of hashtags. DNL worked with Tint developers to add a photo filter in order to maintain the black and white web theme.
  • Video - Embedded videos are used as both the background on the homepage and as in-page video features.



  • The website was launched on time!
  • The website has helped ICA exceed their capital campaign goal.
  • An on-going partnership has been formed, and we continue to deliver site updates as needed.

Luminate CRM

A custom Salesforce report integrated through LCRM and pulled into WordPress showcases an animated supporter donation graph and supporter feed. Supporters use the custom donation form (described above) to select if they want to remain anonymous of their donation, or if they opt to show their donation amount and name in the rotating supporter feed. 

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