Delete Blood Cancer (DKMS)


DKMS hosts events to support their fight against blood cancer and blood disorders. The DKMS Annual Gala and Halloween Blood Ball are wonderful events that have a different theme each year with corresponding web materials to match.

Custom Development
DKMS desired custom themed micro-sites for each event to unify the print pieces and event decor. Team DNL created Custom Wrappers for each event's theme within Luminate Online. The sites consisted of Informational Pages, Event Registration, and a Donation Form, which were customized to match the theme of the event and provided the event attendees with a chic web experience. 

Donation Forms

DKMS wanted to create a donation form to highlight the impact of making a donation would be by providing patients with blood cancer and their families more memorable moments together. 

Custom Development
A new theme was created for the donation form which incorporates graphical and textual elements.  The form was developed to respond to different screen sizes without any loss of functionality. All customizations have been made on the front end with CSS and JavaScript technologies. The code was written in a way that can be easily reused on future forms with minimal modifications. 


DKMS maintains a database of potential bone marrow donors and wanted to create an interactive site that would confirm the commitment of those donors, while at the same time informing them about how they can help save a life.

Custom Development
The challenge was to create an app that would not just gather the donor's data, but also submit additional questionnaires to the Luminate Online survey module. The solution involved creating a one page app in Luminate Online PageBuilder that interacts with the Luminate Constituent and Survey APIs. While the app lives on one page, the user is taken through multiple screens that are easy to read and navigate. Depending on the donor's responses, they are routed through different workflows and experiences.  

The app was created with Vue.js framework and was chosen for its powerful features & small overhead. Due to the flexiblity of the Vue.js framework, Team DNL was able to separate out the HTML code for portal sections and place the code into Pagebuilder pages, enabling web administrators with HTML knowledge to easily make textual revisions. 

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