Below you will find the list of browsers that DNL officially supports at the time of code deployment.

Browser Support

DNL OmniMedia supports the latest version of the following browsers: Safari, Mobile Safari, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Android Browser, Internet Explorer 11.

Industry (web) leaders follow a similar strategy including Google. In order to take advantage of modern web coding, for example, Responsive Design and highly stylized UI, you’ll need a browser capable of the task.

As of January 12, 2016, Microsoft will only support the latest version of Internet Explorer 11, and will no longer support any other version. The web is changing daily, and new functionality and coding techniques evolve regularly. Since the only way to browse the web is with a browser, we recommend clients use the latest and greatest, or at least what is widely supported.

Legacy Support

Legacy Support for older browsers can certainly be scoped on a per-project basis, but this only makes sense if a large percentage of a website’s traffic is using outdated browsers. In order to determine this, we can review your analytics to indicate what browsers should be supported.

An alternative to legacy support is outdated browser notification. DNL can add a notification on the screen letting the visitor know they are using an outdated browser and therefore things may not look like they should. The message could incorporate a link to a resource like which displays the latest versions of major browsers to download. ( information is included below.)

Helpful Links

If you would like to ensure you are using the latest browser, or if you are having issues with a webpage, you can visit this link to download the latest version of your browser: provides links to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer.

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