Better Buying was started by a group of East Coast educators, interested in bettering the lives of factory workers overseas. They had developed a rating platform for buyers and manufacturers to improve working conditions, prioritize contract adherence, and maximize profitability for buyers and suppliers.

Project Goals

  • Choose a platform that is easy for staff to use and maintain
  • Develop a custom website that allows users from around the world to translate the website
  • Use design that focuses on user experience
  • Structure content in a way that enables users to find the content they are seeking easily, with minimal clicks

Project Outcome

DNL OmniMedia developed a custom website for Better Buying; the project was completed on time and on budget. The outcomes of the projects are:

  • The final website delivered a clear pathway for users to learn about what Better Buying does and to take action
  • The website has been build using WordPress software, minimizing the long-term licensing and maintenance costs
  • The website has a clean graphic design and easy to use interactive design
  • The website allows users from around the world to translate the site into their native language
  • The site was build using WordPress, an open source software. The software allows website editors to easily make changes to text and image
  • DNL created a custom solution to host rating information sourced from a .NET solution
  • YouTube videos are embedded and display on various pages throughout the site
  • DNL installed and security certificate (SSL) on Better Buying’s servers to ensure the website is secure
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