3 Software Tools That’ll Take the Headache out of Collecting Donations

April 5, 2019

This guest post was contributed by JotForm.

Are you a nonprofit that relies on the goodwill of friends and neighbors to keep your organization alive? You might be surprised to find that the biggest problem you’re likely to face won’t be the uncaring or uncharitable attitudes of the public. Most Americans give to those in need, but depending on the software you use, they may find it difficult to do so.

In the growing age of digitization and technology, new software platforms and applications are popping up all over the place. Every day, there’s a new system designed to make our lives easier. If we need help paying our taxes, keeping track of our dogs’ walking habits, or staying in tune to local news reports, there’s a program out there to assist us.

Many of these tools help nonprofits collect money, but some can be rather complicated. Maybe they only accept certain types of payments or they’re not compatible with your computer network. In any case, if an issue arises, you’re not the only one who will be affected. Chances are, those trying to donate will experience the same frustration.

Let’s examine a few programs built to make the process of collecting donations as easy as possible.

1. JotForm

Sometimes the best tactic for solving a problem is to start at the beginning. In this case, if you’re interested in maximizing donations, JotForm might be a useful tool.

JotForm puts you in control. You can design your own forms by using the many professional templates. Customize your campaigns with colors and fonts that are pleasing to the eye. Ensure donating parties receive your message of warmth and care from the first moment they visit your site.

JotForm can also automate many of your most mundane daily tasks, giving you and your coworkers a much-needed break from scheduling appointments, fielding information requests, and other such tasks. This allows you to focus more attention on the mission of your organization.

In addition, JotForm’s forms and payment solutions are secure, so you and your clients can rest assured that information is never shared with third parties and money never gets lost. JotForm works hard to ensure your clients’ funds are safe and arrive in the right hands.

What’s another big advantage? JotForm’s nonprofit discount. If you run a charitable organization, JotForm will give you a special 50-percent discount on any of its paid plans. It’s a win-win situation. Use JotForm’s powerful form-building software and applications to get the most money from your followers while reducing your company’s expenses.

2. Fundly

You’re probably wondering why Fundly — a company designed primarily for individual fundraising efforts like Kickstarter or Indiegogo — is on this list. That’s because it features several programs designed to help nonprofits get the donations they need to satisfy campaign requirements.

Fundly has established itself as a system that serves both individuals and organizations alike. It offers an easy-to-use interface and several social sharing features to ensure your clients always understand what you’re trying to accomplish. If you’re raising money for specific causes, and you want the public to know about it, Fundly can help.

Among the tools that Fundly provides to nonprofits is its special VIP service, known as FundlyPro. The program’s top features include a one-on-one service with Fundly’s expert fundraising team. They’ll work with you to make sure your campaign gets the most coverage possible and that your donations are used in the most productive ways. With this service, you’ll learn new skills and get answers to all of your questions, big and small.

3. Qgiv

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “It takes money to make money.” With Qgiv, you have the option of trying all the platform’s services during a set trial period without paying a nickel. That’s not a bad offer.

Qgiv offers several different resources to clients, including online training as well as support and unlimited donation forms. Qgiv charges a 3.95-percent processing fee and takes 30 cents from each transaction — a small price to pay considering all you’ll get.

Once your trial is over, if you decide Qgiv is the right fit, you can stay on board with one of the company’s many different plans, which range from $49 to $199 per month. If your needs are specific or you require changes along the way, you can work with Qgiv’s team to customize a unique plan designed to fit you and your business.


If you’re looking for fast, easy ways to collect as many donations for your nonprofit as possible, take a close look at these programs. Nonprofits are established to make lives better, and these software programs are designed to make those nonprofits as effective as possible.

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