6 Simple Ways to Optimize Your Use of Luminate Online

If you’re strategic and know some of the ways to optimize your database, you can get the most from your resources.

Top Blackbaud Training Resources to Enhance Your Software

Download our detailed Blackbaud training resources and take a free PDF on the go.

Raiser’s Edge: The Smart Nonprofit’s Before-You-Buy Guide

Download our detailed guide to Raiser's Edge training resources.

How Volunteer Data Can Foster New Donor Relationships

How your nonprofit handles volunteer data can have a tremendous impact on your organization's ability to attract new donors.

Salesforce Event Management Integrations—Rated and Reviewed!

For organizations using Salesforce, there are a number of ways to manage the event planning process. 

While you can always choose an external event management platform to handle logistics, guests, and event reports, it's likely that you'll want to integrate your event planning software with your Salesforce system for the most cohesive experience.

Luminate Online Migrations: 5 Tips for a Painless Process

Download this detailed guide to Luminate Online and access the valuable information on the go.


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