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7 Strategic Benefits of Hiring a Fundraising Consultant

Even nonprofits with the most experienced, innovative, and hard-working teams working for them face complex issues every once in a while. These problems can come from intense fundraising campaigns or institutional inertia, but they all require a new method of approach.

No matter the problem, there is someone in the nonprofit sphere who can bring a new set of eyes to the table and help you overcome your nonprofit’s obstacles.

Blackbaud Consulting Services | A Nonprofit's Guide

Blackbaud products represent some of the most powerful digital tools on the market for nonprofit organizations. If your organization has made this important investment, it's essential that you position your team to make the most of it! That's where Blackbaud consulting services from specialized experts and guides come in.

Join TeamDNL for Our First Cheesy Webinar: Luminate Online and You

Join us on Wednesday, September 19, at 2pm ET for the first webinar in our brand new Cheesy Webinar series.


You'll get fresh nonprofit technology insights, some insider tips, and a free pizza delivered straight to your door. (You heard us right -- free pizza!)

In this webinar, we'll be discussing all there is to know about Luminate Online Marketing and TeamRaiser. Technology expert and nonprofit strategist Carl Diesing will walk through:

Make a Better Fundraising Ask with Tech Tools: 6 Strategies

This post was contributed by Abby Jarvis at Qgiv.

Your nonprofit already has a few time-tested fundraising techniques up its sleeve. The institutional knowledge that grows at experienced nonprofits can be astounding, leading to incredibly successful campaigns year after year.

3 Ways Technology Can Benefit Your Fundraising Strategy

The technology wave is here to stay, that's for certain. Many nonprofits have jumped on board to use new, innovative platforms to improve their fundraising strategies.

Online fundraising opens another stream of revenue for your organization to connect with you donors—and the better you know your donors, the more successful your fundraising strategy will be.

Check out the 3 ways technology can benefit your fundraising strategy:

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