Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

January 19, 2017
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Leverage more of your assets and raise more money with peer-to-peer fundraising

Of all the methods of raising money out there, none is more potentially powerful and cost-effective than peer-to-peer fundraising. Using the team model with your supporters as members, awareness of your campaigns will quickly penetrate new networks of people who may themselves become solid supporters.

What is peer-to-peer fundraising?

It’s easy to get in the habit of thinking of your supporters as simply donors, individuals who enjoy giving to help further your charitable work. But those supporters are with you for a reason – they believe strongly in your cause, and many have been personally touched by the good you do. Could there possibly be a better group to help your fundraising efforts reach alarming success?

When you launch a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign, you don’t just gather supporters and tell them to go out and find the money. There are a variety of software applications that will help the work of your constituents while giving you the power to manage the efforts of each individual involved and track the progress of the campaign as a whole.


TeamRaiser lets your volunteer fundraisers tap into their networks of friends and family with personalized web pages promoting your special event. Gaining financial sponsorship of participants in walks, runs and rides is easy with compelling websites and targeted e-mail tools that make it easy for your supporters to reach out to their entire list of personal contacts.

The goal of TeamRaiser and other peer-to-peer platforms is to help organizations take advantage of the efforts of a large number of willing helpers while making fundraising campaigns simple, fun and profitable.

Best practices

Successful peer-to-peer fundraising follows these best practices:

  1. Start by enlisting the support of as many individuals throughout your entire organization as possible. Let them know how much their time and efforts are appreciated and what great value they are in furthering your mission.
  2. Talk with Team DNL about the best online fundraising packages for your particular campaign. Raising money online saves you time in processing donations, reduces the possibility of accounting errors and is a quick and easy way for your supporters’ networks to participate.
  3. Be available to your fundraisers if they have questions or need support. Train them on the details of your campaign and motivate them to take ownership of their efforts. Make sure they realize they’re part of one big team, all focused on one exciting goal.
  4. Monitor your progress with software tracking applications to ensure that you’re on target to meet the financial goal of the campaign. You can track the activities of each participant and determine which ones might need a little extra help. You’ll be able to see the dollar amounts coming in from each participant’s efforts as well as the total amount raised as the campaign moves forward.

Word-of-mouth has always been considered the best way to advertise. With your team of constituents working within their larger circles of contacts, you’ll ensure that new donors are approached by people they know and trust, which is a far better way to raise funds than a newspaper ad or a static web page.

Team DNL will be happy to share additional peer-to-peer best practices with you and tell you more about the benefits of this exceptional method of fundraising. If you’d like to speak with a peer-to-peer fundraising strategist, get in touch.

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